defekt Escape From Tarkov ·
00:09 Caught him walking around the Logging Camp, put 5 rounds of 7.62 PS in him and he fires a burst from his SVD ... Drops me.
00:34 Lol poor bitch
00:39 CoolCat
00:50 Such a bully
00:52 oh he mad
00:58 why didnt he just fight you omegalul
00:59 lollll
01:18 i bet hes pissed lmao
01:29 y u bully @DEFEKT
01:31 At least 8 bitcoins in that vest because you didnt check
01:49 lol hes full RRREEEE mode right now
01:57 Thats how it works. Nikita did it not me Lol
02:02 he probably needs a new monitor since he probably just punched his
02:22 I would have woken up my house if you did that to me
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