defekt Escape From Tarkov ·
00:08 defkS
00:22 OH SHIT
00:28 wtf the book
00:29 Gamma dat b
00:31 yo found a book already Pog
00:31 LUL OMG
00:32 I had a dream last night of being on this map and not being able to find the extract
00:33 PogChamp
00:34 KEKW
00:35 a fucking book KEKW
00:43 Harry Potter lore right there
00:48 what is the book for?
00:56 Kappa container last wipe
00:58 new map has a scary feel
01:10 oooof
01:11 LUL
01:11 KEKW
01:11 @Quan312 its a harry potter easter egg
01:27 ooh piece of candy KEKW
01:28 defkG I do
01:33 listen for train
01:37 stooder know them all widepeepoHappy
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