TrumpSC Warcraft III ·
00:00 Calculated plays
00:03 macro
00:04 this stream is pretty non-interactive
00:06 work work
00:08 people think this looks the same as 2003 wc3 LUL
00:10 LULW
00:11 Is it just me or does this beta feel like garbage? This feels very below normal blizzard standards.
00:13 lighting looks a bit off other than that it looks fine
00:15 Kappa
00:16 you won minutes ago
00:17 Me busy. Leave me alone
00:21 the biggest issue i see with graphics is they dont seem to show height very well.
00:23 @mulefish lolll silly zoomers yeah
00:25 @Bobu_Sappu you mean indian like those gipsies
00:26 warcraft 3 >>>>>> classic wow
00:28 @TrumpSC now your game
00:28 Lucky
00:29 rekt
00:30 BabyRage
00:30 deltagett he is kinda new, he needs concentation
00:31 gottem
00:31 Kreygasm
00:31 :D
00:32 LULW
00:32 LMAO
00:32 Lucky :)
00:32 lucky!!!
00:33 lucky LUL
00:33 very lucky
00:33 LULW
00:33 lucky LUL
00:34 lucky LUL
00:34 EZ Clap
00:34 lucky LULW
00:35 gg
00:35 Lucky ok haha he played so bad
00:35 AYAYA Clap
00:35 lucker BabyRage
00:35 lucky BabyRage
00:36 Reforged BM
00:36 lucky LUL
00:36 lucky LUL
00:37 have you lost yet
00:37 blocking himself lol
00:38 we need to build a wall
00:39 lucky Kappa
00:39 lucky Kappa
00:39 Yes, pure luck BabyRage
00:39 watter elly's look so good Kreygasm
00:40 has he lost more then once yet?
00:41 EZ
00:44 pls show us undead
00:44 Lucky BTW LULW
00:46 lucky KEKW
00:46 is this the new warcrft its so weird ??
00:47 Trump wc3 god
00:49 he drew badly KEKW
00:50 4v4
00:51 PogChamp 5th race
00:54 Ez
00:55 he mad
00:55 no one streaming undead
00:56 *all of his peasants got killed* this but a scratch!
01:00 I say warcraft 3 unit one liners in my head all the time
01:00 I can't believe my eyes he said lucky LUL
01:01 julesboss79 reforged new beta
01:02 lucky LUL this is not hs
01:02 any trumo
01:03 bad topdeck KEKW
01:05 holy ...... trump still streaming
01:05 Game runs choppy, feels clunky, and most of the options don't work.
01:07 this game clearly has a miniscule budget compared to other blizzard games, because its playerbase is tiny. Its not going to look like it came straight out of gods workshop
01:07 @TrumpSC is only human race available in beta?
01:07 WOW classic looks strange...
01:07 @HoLeeFucc only hum and orc in beta
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