TrumpSC Hearthstone ·
00:05 Y E S
00:06 there are actual quests in WoW where you take water from moonwells and move it around
00:07 yes :)
00:07 YES!!!!!
00:08 NO
00:09 YES
00:10 yiss
00:13 heck yes
00:13 yes
00:16 Hell Yeah
00:19 FeelsPumpkinMan I would watch
00:21 Warcraft 2 >>> Warcraft 3
00:21 I still want you to play Starcraft Remastered trump
00:23 I want to see someone actually good playing something I can't play
00:25 Kappa
00:26 no
00:30 low key very excited
00:32 WC LUL
00:32 I'm sad we don't have a youtube playthrough of that
00:36 im looking forward to d2 reforged Pog
00:38 Looking forward to the protest memes :P
00:41 SC stands for Safety Car isnt it?
00:44 water cycle
00:44 LUL isnt it restroom?
00:49 its kinda sad that everyone wants Blizzard to re release all their old games because they ruined their new ones Kappa
00:51 french
00:53 Trump without a rope is unstoppable
00:55 TrumpWC LUL
00:58 Trump toilet Kappa
00:59 trump when do we get a SC remastered playthrough PepeHands
01:01 LUL
01:01 🚽 Clap
01:02 toilet Kappa
01:10 Are you changing it to W, because you are looking forward to it?
01:11 just rename yourself to Trump Kappa
01:13 Wash Closet
01:14 Water Closet Pog
01:19 ^
01:30 @TrumpSC Trump also means "fart" here so your name would literally be "Fart Toilet"
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