Day9tv Magic: The Gathering ·
00:02 HONK
00:03 Hey Sean, you know, you don't HAVE to answer your doorbell just because someone rings it.
00:08 dogs chase geese
00:11 dogs gotta eat
00:12 Duck Hunt!
00:13 loinS
00:13 Publishe clearing house?
00:22 LUL
00:25 wow
00:26 hahaha
00:27 Day9 is the best
00:28 wow
00:28 D: omg
00:28 dayJoy
00:31 unsubbed
00:33 @BoinKlasik @Novarias exactly!
00:34 dayUhoh
00:34 This is when Day9 makes the heel turn to Cruella De Vil dayGoblin
00:37 PETA
00:42 day [monster]
00:43 dayBlue dayBlue
00:46 what do the baby cats think about this?
00:47 Baby Carrot lol
00:47 Savage
00:51 dayPwr dayHot
00:53 @ShannaNina nah, PETA would kill it too
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