TrumpSC Gods Unchained ·
00:06 uhoh, pulled some garbage 😬
00:10 This is getting good Kreygasm
00:25 lol
00:26 scarab just got buffed too Lul
00:40 !undotimeout bjorggg
00:40 graoulie, Removed 1 timeouts for user bjorggg. [Remaining timeouts: 0]
00:51 rip, accidental link.
00:52 Trump you gotta fish for cutt in order to steal value generation cards
00:52 @TriggerHaven other scarab
00:55 @bjorggg yeah, be quit!
01:12 oh what
01:12 @Spasmatc oh woopsie
01:13 LUL
01:15 LULW
01:18 NotLikeThis
01:22 LUL
01:27 i think that was a bug
01:30 PogChamp
01:32 I really like this game, but I feel like I'm part of an MLM
01:33 "Oh, and I was just imagining myself, going down victory lane..." - Trump, 2014, Mar 23
01:43 was seriously a bug
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