DrLupo Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare ·
00:06 @kittykat_086 anneLurk anne7 anneHeart
00:15 @KittyKat_086 kelaraHype
00:26 LUL
00:27 he doesnt know about the shotgun LUL
00:28 lul
00:30 Holy domowo1Toxic shit
00:32 lupoCRINGE lupoCRINGE lupoCRINGE
00:34 lul
00:35 lul
00:35 LUL
00:36 LUL
00:40 LUL LUL
00:42 KEKW
00:43 @Kelarax bogaH
00:43 lulw
00:44 SHIT
00:48 RAGE
01:05 Actively lulling
01:06 @Mah_alleinir lupoHEY kelaraHype
01:10 Imagine thinking the 725 is a shotgun and not a sniper, couldn't be me KEKW
01:13 in a van DOWN BY THE RIVER LUL
01:18 PepeLaugh he lacks the critical information
01:23 KEKW
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