Klean Just Chatting ยท
00:04 @Brownie_ google shooters edge in calgary, totally are ones
00:26 @SetchDreskar clean klean,,,,,
00:29 Love the fs2000
00:30 Someone back there having fun
00:34 ignored LULW
00:35 Lmao
00:35 this is a really nice gun shop/range
00:35 LUL
00:38 F
00:38 Lip smacking asmr
00:39 what gun is it under the orange target? @Klean
00:39 I bet 4.20 that gold chain guy pushes weed
00:40 He made boogaloo noises kleanS
00:40 fuckin kids
00:40 LUL
00:41 LUL LUL
00:43 FeelsBadMan ignored by the kid
00:44 Howโ€™s the bolty boi tonight @klean ?
00:54 loot that crates
00:56 just eating all the food monkaW
01:06 @52hertzbluewhale HELLO!
01:09 show us the guns in the store
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