Baddie Escape From Tarkov ·
00:02 Just got in. There's a disassemble button in your stash!!! Also tried to fold and AK and it just shrank the image but it still showed it unfolded. Weird
00:15 Good morning you glorious bastard! The new setup looks great, doesn't look like such a dumpster fire anymore. haha @Baddie
00:15 fails compilations videos are really funny
00:16 xD
00:16 @jwCollinBrown all of baddies streams are fails
00:22 finally got the laucher to go but now its just broken trying to update
00:24 >_>
00:26 LOL
00:30 OMG its downloading!!!!!
00:35 and shooting kiings
00:40 @Baddie Gun wall.
00:40 Then we want Killing KiiNGS videos @Baddie
00:42 baddNoTay baddNoTay baddNoTay baddNoTay baddNoTay
00:45 That's where the goosacam goes
00:46 that looks like Philips Hue products
00:46 For a second you sounded like Coach Steve from Big Mouth! hahahaha
00:50 I finally got it to download.... 3mb/s and im afraid to touch anything
00:51 You should get a banner
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