Pestily Just Chatting ·
00:04 hes only lvl 30 endurance, should let him know he needs it higher
00:07 pestily show your gut
00:10 tell him to do a back flip
00:11 These pistol runs are so windy
00:11 Get Slushpuppy out there lol
00:18 ProTip: a small piece of foam rubberbanded on top of the mic helps alot with wind
00:23 looks beautiful
00:28 @Pestily i come 14.11 to Australia :D for 1 One Year
00:32 omg
00:36 lmao
00:38 auto rotate WutFace
00:39 omg
00:39 thats seizure inducing
00:47 epilepsy warning
00:49 !fcancer
00:58 Flips sometimes when you run
01:02 ill donate 350GBP on the 31st
01:02 im not too far away, should come down for a jog LUL
01:03 streamers get early patch?
01:16 spidao8 this is the lighthouse map
01:17 Kappa
01:30 @spidao8 this is a sneak peak at the hideout
01:31 Kappa
01:34 IRL Shoreline PogU
01:40 @spidao8 yeah .12 looks good dont it Kappa
01:44 poor guys in long pants in this heat
01:45 youre not even flipping the tires dude and youre puffed, you got that streamer cardio LUL
01:53 look out for those new minefeilds
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