DrLupo Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare ·
00:05 @AgileBush Anger and Jericho
00:09 Hey @drlupo I dare you to avoid a claymore. LUL
00:12 quackHypers quackHypers quackHypers quackHypers
00:13 @DrLupo I look forward to matching with you or against you in MW. It will be fun and a privilege. Hope to see you on the battle field.
00:20 D:
00:28 D:
00:30 D:
00:33 D:
00:36 Fricky?
00:37 Hrsut32 subscribed with Twitch Prime.
00:41 what a turd
00:42 He called you a fart????? In Dark Mode???? That's rude.
00:48 D:
00:49 D:
00:53 Pog ?
00:53 dwLucid subscribed at Tier 1. They've subscribed for 15 months, currently on a 15 month streak! Much love <3
00:55 carlosmontoya3430 subscribed at Tier 1. They've subscribed for 18 months! We could have had 2 babies by now...starting on number 3 now.
00:56 D:
00:57 D:
01:01 fruity?
01:02 monkaS
01:03 quackHypers quackHypers quackHypers quackHypers quackHypers quackHypers
01:04 D:
01:05 rip dr lupo
01:07 D:
01:07 LUL
01:09 !shaders
01:10 Fricker?
01:11 unsubbed for profanity
01:14 banhammer monkaS
01:14 https://clips.twitch.tv/EmpathicBelovedApeDAESuppy
01:14 Funguy? lupoNICE
01:15 father
01:16 a Flayer
01:21 Farted. Soo long pant.
01:23 Folrol?
01:28 its okay getting lobbies in tarkov was basically the same thing :)
01:29 Father?
01:31 Doctor Lupo I love you
01:34 eat pant
01:35 can we all agree to call tim a farter too LUL
01:35 can twitch afford to ban anyone with mixer creeping around?
01:38 Wait what wizzle said a Father
01:42 That clip pog
01:54 sledgendairy subscribed at Tier 1. They've subscribed for 16 months! catching the end of the stream. don't get to watch very often cuz of work. love you lupo
01:59 Is the charity stream a solo stream or blocks like before
02:08 he mad
02:09 lupo thats IG content
02:15 farger ... whats a farger
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