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00:05 send out a search party! @drlupo
00:05 ominous noises play when you stand in or ontop of where caves could or are located at (if your moving you might not be on top of a cave by the time you hear it
00:06 you dont the hero of the village badge. he must still be there
00:07 no if you just wait long enough they leave, the raid lasts a particular cycle
00:08 @stevegives upload this entire stream so far to youtube! clickbait title, "is this the end of the raid, or lupo?"
00:12 How do you ENJOY minecraft Lupo ??? , I want to know
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00:25 !uptime
00:31 Clap
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00:33 magine him getting raided as soon as this speech is done
00:33 Clap
00:34 clap pog
00:34 clap
00:35 Clap
00:35 Clap
00:35 Is this a pre made area?
00:36 clap clap calp
00:37 clap
00:37 Pog
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00:38 VoHiYo VoHiYo VoHiYo
00:38 clap
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00:41 CLAP
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00:41 I have work but I just watched last night's YouTube and I don't wanna miss the intense gameplay. I was sooooo stressed watching that video!!!!
00:42 Kappa //
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00:44 Clap-
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00:44 Clap Clap Clap Clap Clap Clap Clap
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00:46 So wait... all victories happen after napping? That's it I'm going back to bed.
00:46 rypsiiEzclap
00:47 yeet
00:47 lupoCOFFEE lupoDAB lupoCOFFEE lupoDAB
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00:49 clap pog
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00:49 Bring back the Llama Cosplay for Halloween
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00:50 @KittyKat_086 no
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00:51 CurseLit CurseLit HSWP Poooound
00:51 @iamchodenheim don’t jinx it
00:51 Pog Clap
00:51 Clap
00:52 clap
00:52 Clap
00:53 Claps
00:54 lupoDAB lupoCORN
00:54 lupoRNG lupoRNG lupoRNG lupoRNG lupoRNG lupoRNG lupoRNG
00:54 DAB
00:54 Clap
00:54 @IamChodenheim how dare you bring that jinx upon us!
00:55 πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
00:55 Clappers
00:56 Clap
00:58 Spooky craft!!!!
00:58 Fap
00:58 One clap
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01:00 πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
01:02 good job
01:05 Clap
01:06 FrostyTargaryen anneThink
01:07 πŸ‘
01:07 Anyone else getting lots of stream vid buffering? Wanna know if I should be debugging my network lupoFLIP
01:08 @KittyKat_086 no he built everything! go check out the youtube series
01:09 ceezPogitivity
01:10 @Tanfana830 for the content...
01:12 Clap
01:13 lupoYE lupoYE lupoYE lupoYE lupoDAB lupoDAB lupoDAB
01:14 just coming in to say happy Halloween! love your YouTube videos!
01:17 FBCatch FBCatch FBCatch FBCatch FBCatch FBCatch FBCatch
01:18 πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
01:18 Happy Halloween friends and family
01:19 Minecraft!!
01:21 oh crap, it's Minecraft! How much did I miss?
01:21 SSSsss SSSsss
01:21 Are the cows gonna get a new home? @drlupo
01:22 is the nether cleaned out?
01:23 @jakebathman Ive been having issues
01:24 CHAT
01:25 @jakebathman all good for me
01:25 clapped them
01:26 yea, but how many dolphins
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