Pestily Escape From Tarkov ·
00:00 guys i swear to god it will get delayed again KEKW
00:01 oof
00:02 MyOtheRidesUrMom google. 2060 vs 1070 there are compassion sites
00:02 Dang
00:04 WIPED PogChamp
00:06 @MyOtheRidesUrMom Check the benchmarks
00:06 squad down
00:06 @billydeath i googled it your wrong first link confirms the myth LOL oh and its a science website lol
00:08 short answer 2060 @MyOtheRidesUrMom , but please research more urself
00:10 11.9 NiKappa
00:11 holy bots
00:14 @corkbark ah not bad the last winter nearly got me killed with how bad the ice is got lucky and just brutalized my leg
00:15 @KEKW_SPAMMER Shut your goddamn mouth KEKW
00:16 @Pestily Who is rifleman in Australian Army? Sniper or just soldier with assault rifle?
00:18 looked like raiders LUL
00:21 people who put TTV in their tarkov name are the kings of cringe
00:21 @serialstreams KEKW
00:25 lol @ dogtag bingo
00:25 okie dokie
00:27 lol
00:27 wtf lol
00:28 LMFAO
00:28 KEKW
00:29 KEKW
00:29 lol
00:30 droobiedoobiedoo rude
00:30 wtf
00:31 do you see it tho
00:32 LUL
00:38 we heard it KEKW
00:38 @Pestily is trader event back?
00:38 Your eardrums just evaporated
00:38 this nade was meant to deafen ur eyes
00:39 leap in technology right there
00:40 Sub sonic grenades Pog
00:42 KEKW
00:42 Does the patch take down the servers for a while?
00:43 ^
00:44 chat heard the flash KEKW
00:46 clear map
00:48 thats the flash. just flash., no bang
00:48 yes Elusive_Buttshark
00:50 @pestily ,hey mate! what time it normally happens for us in Australia???
00:51 jesus these really fuck you up
00:51 @RagTagPig yeah we had record snow last winter, ill take snow over ice any day tho lol
00:52 ????????????????????
00:52 this ones not a flashbang, its just a flas
00:54 ?????????????
00:56 silenced grenades Pog
00:56 @Pestily those are the new suppressed grenades KEKW
00:57 @billydeath it does however state there are many type of that spider family but only 1 is that poisinous
00:58 Grenade supressors added Pog
01:01 @KEKW_SPAMMER sorry to inform you that we've come across a server error vital towards the stability of the game. We are working hard to bring you the patch ASAP. BibleThump
01:01 same guy that killed you earlier @Pestily
01:01 TTV KEKW
01:06 @MyOtheRidesUrMom 1070 superclocked will be better
01:14 Most dangerous spiders the platapus
01:18 @frankie_boy KEKW something like that KEKW
01:19 @corkbark I wish I had a choice instead it’s just all snow all I’ve at once
01:20 Thanks chat. I’ll be looking it up. Just kinda wanted y’all a opinions as well
01:20 .......
01:20 RIP server
01:21 LOL
01:21 lol
01:21 this fucking game
01:21 lul
01:21 WHAT
01:22 rip server lol
01:22 WTF
01:22 LMAO
01:22 ????
01:22 Wow, a dud
01:23 WTF
01:23 DUD
01:24 ???
01:24 dud
01:24 WTF
01:25 wtf
01:25 dude
01:25 ???? LUL
01:25 LOL
01:25 spooky
01:26 Duds
01:27 DUD? monkaS
01:27 they use supressor Kappa
01:27 DUD
01:27 dud
01:28 a DUD
01:30 ??
01:30 LUL
01:31 Just a rock
01:31 ?????????????????
01:31 @Pestily what nades?
01:31 New dud mechanic
01:32 so bugged lmao
01:32 it was just an empty push pop
01:33 i had that other day
01:33 Blank nade LUL
01:35 you jammy bastard lol
01:36 waiting for that explosion
01:36 That was the flash just now landing
01:37 @Pestily hows the 1.0 patch so far?
01:38 wtf
01:38 whats a good 7.62x39 round?
01:38 @gamerkieran21 thanks for sub dude
01:38 dud???
01:39 Suppresed grenades confirmed Pog
01:39 i wish that would happen for real
01:40 Did BSG say if they plan to keep the container being able to put things in during raid or not?
01:40 Time to go monkaS
01:41 old stach
01:41 That's what they get for skipping the basic LUL
01:42 nikita playing pranks on us KEKW
01:43 Lmfao you just looted me RIP @pestily
01:45 ??????????????
01:47 Sometimes grenades malfunction
01:51 it's the new FU-69 grenade suppressor Pog
01:53 pretty impressive honestly lol
01:54 is this a bug or a feature
01:58 how fast its being done
01:59 You already got a 70 tag you lucky dog
02:04 see @Coldblood06 ;p 1-10 shouldnt be hard ;p
02:05 @Pestily When's .12.5 ? :)
02:09 when the wipe will start?
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