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00:01 !specs
00:01 Cohh's gaming specs: | Processor: i9-9900K | Ram: 32gb G.SKILL Trident Z RGB | SSD: One 1TB Intel 660P Series PCIe NVME M.2, and one 1TB WD Green Solid State Drive | HDD: Two 1TB normal HD | GFX: Two RTX 2080 | MB: ASUS TUF Z390-Plus Gaming
00:01 Finally cohhOld
00:09 @CohhCarnage the zone times is like 2+ min to switch zones
00:14 cohhEZ cohhEZ cohhEZ cohhEZ cohhEZ cohhEZ cohhEZ cohhEZ
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00:14 Check out CohhCarnage's latest video on youtube: Let's Play EverQuest With CohhCarnage (2020) - Episode 9 http://youtu.be/okM0xPH1anA
00:15 Wow Eq is demanding
00:16 Incoming Dad Joke:
00:16 How do you make a tissue dance?
00:19 Title: Cozy Everquest! - Outward (Full run + DLC) starts JUNE 8th! - !Coffee - !Corsair - !Discord
00:19 rebooting helps.
00:21 Put a little boogie in it! - raiju_oni
00:22 LUL
00:22 doogTOS
00:23 cohhD cohhLUL
00:23 LUL
00:23 cohhLUL
00:24 LUL
00:24 cohhSip
00:25 LUL
00:25 LUL
00:26 danKEK
00:26 hahaha
00:27 LUL
00:27 cohhTOS
00:27 cohhD cohhLUL
00:29 cohhTOS cohhTOS cohhTOS
00:29 man you need a faster computer.. I dont know what i would need then
00:29 LUL
00:30 lol
00:30 cohhTOS
00:31 LOL
00:31 I didn't need that in my life
00:31 cohhLUL
00:31 Submit your own Dad Joke http://cohh.tv/dadjoke
00:32 LUL
00:32 hahaha
00:32 cohhML cohhML cohhML cohhML cohhML cohhML cohhML cohhML cohhML
00:33 cohhFail
00:33 So cohh
00:34 hmm
00:34 zekeLUL zekeLUL zekeLUL zekeLUL
00:34 Zeke
00:34 cohhLUL
00:35 LUL
00:35 He has lost it
00:36 cohhD cohhTOS cohhMy
00:37 Thats how you strike people indeed
00:37 LUL
00:37 what did I just tune into?
00:38 Council is watching cohhM
00:38 cohhShame
00:39 SoulSapper64 subscribed with Twitch Prime. They've subscribed for 2 months! I dont get to watch the daytime streams but the cohhzy streams are amazing!
00:39 cohhGShow cohhGShow cohhGShow cohhGShow cohhGShow
00:39 Thanks for subbing @soulsapper64! Check your whispers (or contact a mod) if you'd like your shoutout! Appreciate your support! cohhGV
00:42 hes a Leonardo Cohh cohhK
00:48 @CohhCarnage Can you explain to us EQ newbies. What made or what makes EQ So great for you?
00:48 thats no moon
00:52 @CohhCarnage hey cohh i watched your gothic remake gameplay on yt and im curious if you considered playing the original gothic game ?
00:52 NIPPLES?! cohhMy cohhWaii cohhPog
00:53 family friendly stream with zekes nipples
00:58 cohh noped fast LUL
00:59 male nipples, its ok lol
01:02 cohhNani
01:05 sup cohh you sexy beast
01:08 then get to it cohh cohhMy
01:10 Can women show nips then? or is it a double standard
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