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Pestily Escape from Tarkov ·
00:00 peepoRun
00:01 "oh fuck" lol
00:01 f
00:01 f
00:01 lol
00:02 stalkerHANDS
00:02 FeelsBadMan
00:02 what a day
00:02 I think today is not your day :(
00:02 Shake it off :)
00:02 "aw fuck" lmao
00:03 F
00:03 DAMNN
00:03 Sadge
00:04 rat attack KEKW
00:05 F
00:05 you heard shots and seen dead body
00:06 PepeHands i feel you
00:06 run a scav run for mental reset
00:06 get some air
00:07 Disaster has struck on this unblessed day pestilyRage
00:07 Wanna play squad together?
00:07 zoom zoom into boom boom
00:08 PPogo
00:08 Deep breath dadddddd
00:08 You gotta go take a rip on a j and chill a bit. You got this bud
00:08 jadam21RIP jadam21RIP
00:08 Sadge
00:09 but my jellies
00:09 pestilyDEAD
00:09 cocky?
00:09 rip big boy
00:10 D:
00:10 are we the baddies?
00:10 KEKW
00:11 venaGrumpy venaGrumpy venaGrumpy venaGrumpy
00:11 dont be sad dad
00:12 Fall Guys?
00:12 Gotta put the Pestily Mask on I think @pestily
00:13 you got this @Pestily .. brush it off and go again! faster this time!
00:13 Go play factory
00:13 didnt loot beret, good luck charm dodged :(
00:13 Seven hundred and seventiseven trillion
00:13 count to 10 ;)
00:14 Sadge at least health skill is going up Sadge
00:14 stretch
00:16 NotLikeThis NotLikeThis NotLikeThis NotLikeThis
00:16 @Pestily i think there is an update RN, cause they just increased the amount of stuff needed to craft salewa in the hideout
00:16 Keep your head up!
00:16 someone clip it
00:16 MisMagpie found her first red keycard today! Was in resort
00:17 that is unlucky
00:18 BibleThump
00:19 thats dead scav
00:19 Easy duba
00:20 Welcome to Shortline
00:20 ever seen swamp people ? its about catching aligators "choot him jacob"
00:22 Scav run
00:22 time for a banana
00:23 POLICE EFT noob detected POLICE KEKLEO
00:23 that dead body is fixed LUL
00:23 dead body is always there, lol
00:24 loooool
00:24 Sometimes you just gotta die lol
00:25 john wick run
00:25 The dead body is always there
00:25 KEKW
00:25 KEKW
00:25 Factory time... get outa this funk
00:26 PepoG
00:27 you are trying to speedrun
00:27 ruuuuude
00:27 KEKW
00:27 every1 sadge-ing, if this was anton's chat every1 would kekw
00:27 dont listen to that moron
00:27 lol dead body is floor loot
00:28 LUL
00:28 Pepega
00:29 @Pestily just another day in the office of "Tarkov"
00:29 LOL
00:29 xD
00:29 KEKW
00:29 LULW
00:29 LUL
00:30 Is what it is @Pestily
00:30 lmao
00:30 KEKW chat KEKW
00:31 lol
00:31 Never go full stupid
00:31 Built in solar panel Pestily cranium
00:31 KEKW
00:31 . . BURN!
00:31 LOL
00:31 KEKW
00:32 Pepega
00:32 lol
00:32 chat you trolling or what
00:33 so fuckin rude pestily
00:33 That's all east is in the beginning of the raid. People just camp it.
00:33 but there was dead body tho grimMald MiniK
00:33 KEKW
00:33 Kappa
00:33 Chat Pepega
00:34 no dad. no sad plz
00:34 Pepega chat
00:34 Be rude
00:35 Is this karma for the LABs run yesterday?
00:35 GOT EM
00:35 @Pestily Are youmwearing an Andrews AFB shirt?
00:36 details
00:36 dont blame chat for that dumb dumb
00:36 FN
00:36 Pepega chat
00:36 Absoluteimbecile
00:36 Dumbass kids backseating KEKW
00:37 Jebaited Jebaited Jebaited Jebaited Jebaited Jebaited Jebaited Jebaited Jebaited Jebaited Jebaited Jebaited Jebaited
00:37 pestilyCheeky pestilyCheeky
00:37 Refreshing to see that this even happens to the best :)
00:37 Pepega Chat
00:38 LOOOL chat big noobs
00:38 Way to back seat chat
00:38 pestilyKEKW pestilyKEKW pestilyKEKW pestilyKEKW pestilyKEKW pestilyKEKW pestilyKEKW pestilyKEKW pestilyKEKW
00:38 I believe in you
00:39 TIME
00:39 You're having a day like I have everyday
00:40 HahaBall
00:40 Just bad luck @Pestily
00:41 customs?
00:41 chat going full chat today
00:42 KEKW
00:42 AWWA
00:42 do a quick factory scav and pop off :) @Pestily
00:42 it's fine you got this
00:43 That was a bit careless, think you should take a short break or sth
00:43 Welcome to Tarkov!
00:44 ruuuuude
00:44 @DoodIez i love it and i didnt know you did pestily's end stream music (thats originally how i found it lol) ive been listening to it all night while writing my essay pestilyWoo pestilyLove
00:45 labs pls
00:45 Chat stop going full2 2Head
00:46 pepega chat
00:46 DONT WORRY DUDE! Even you can have bad days on tarkov sometimes <3
00:47 Ahhahahahha
00:48 I will rub jellies till you feel better
00:48 Ah yes lemme lecture a guy with more than 5k hours KEKW
00:48 Pwnde
00:48 Like why did you turn off your clairvoyance mod
00:49 Pepega 📣 dead body
00:49 still, east wing is always poppin
00:49 scav run?🤣🤣🤣
00:49 @Mobilebandit 2 iq
00:49 5Head
00:50 i feel like half the people talking shit dont even play lol
00:50 just go *stretch* again, daddy KEKLEO
00:51 Pepega
00:51 hindsight 2020 lol
00:52 HeLL Yeah 😂
00:52 lol
00:52 labs time i think
00:53 hit with the yeah but still ;)
00:53 the best part of when pest dies is when he finds one troll to tear into
00:53 @Pestily There was dead body and you didn't report
00:53 well Pestily, if you're gonna use Logic on us..........
00:53 blame chat for one guy Kappa
00:54 factory
00:54 seqKEK
00:55 He doesn’t knowww lol
00:55 Hey dad
00:56 My peen hurts for you
00:58 sometimes it be like this
00:59 let me in the mind of pestily
00:59 Unlucky pest
01:00 @MissChievous pestilyLove So happy to hear that, you have no idea.
01:01 Chat you can take the day off
01:02 Kappa Kappa Kappa Kappa Kappa Kappa Kappa Kappa Kappa Kappa
01:04 replaaaaay
01:05 Remember, chat never dies. Love ya Pest
01:08 ok ok
01:08 full sprint after hearing shots
01:09 @Pestily there comes a time when you must simply ignore us.
01:09 Dude. Most of your viewers are Timmys.
01:09 !shy
01:09 I am part of chat but plz no bully me :(
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