SimCopter1 Microsoft Flight Simulator ·
00:03 can you just crash planes in this game
00:15 i mean pilots use a kneeboard
00:18 makes sense to me
00:27 LOL
00:29 etalPsycho
00:30 Lmao
00:30 wow
00:31 LuL
00:33 sadly no oteedee it goes to a window saying "you crashed" CrreamAwk
00:33 LUL
00:35 LUL
00:36 etalJeff
00:37 LUL
00:38 etalPsycho 🛬
00:38 Yeah we might wanna fact check that Kappa
00:38 ahahaha
00:39 dang
00:39 simLOL
00:40 hey Sim, hey chat! simClaw
00:41 LUL
00:47 Exactly, he knows all the ways to kill chat
00:48 I did this RP start twice today because I crashed on the first takeoff attempt LUL
00:49 hey JeyEn simClaw
00:51 War were declared!
01:17 LUL
01:18 press all the buttons kiriBonk
01:21 There was another plane behind me LUL
01:27 LUL
01:27 LUL
01:29 simLOL
01:52 Is the fine for driving off with the jetway similar to driving off with the gas pump in a car? Kappa
01:55 LUL
01:58 needs more people with glowsticks directing me simDad
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