SimCopter1 Mario Kart 8 ·
00:04 LUL
00:06 KKomrade
00:07 When love handles become actual handles ?
00:09 LUL LUL
00:22 pahk the cah in hahvid yahd? simAYAYA
00:26 LUL LUL
00:29 simCringe
00:29 Oops!!
00:30 oh my god
00:30 Woooops. LUL
00:30 i'm dying LUL
00:31 LUL
00:31 Caulk?
00:31 Ca-hhh sim3
00:32 mopSweat
00:32 LUL
00:32 LUL
00:34 @Ruke_Ironheart Ducking auto correct vadeBlank
00:34 Perfect @zack14z
00:40 batsDeer
00:41 gluLOL gluLOL gluLOL gluLOL gluLOL gluLOL
00:41 Oh nooooooooooooo
00:45 Hahahah
00:48 it's a way to embarrass him once he's 18 simPsycho
00:58 What are you talking about ThanatosxHD ? mopO
00:59 my nephew couldnt say truck, and it would come out as "cock" so everytime we were out I would ask him whats that?!
01:00 Maybe he's a contracter in training
01:09 just caulk no big deal!!!
01:09 @Ruke_Ironheart idk vadeBlank
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