CohhCarnage EverQuest ·
00:00 @Julia cohhO
00:01 @julia WHAT? cohhPog
00:02 All the quotes
00:04 ... Can ... Can I have one? cohhEat
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00:10 @CohhCarnage I haven't seen an issue with the Battletech AI, but if you mod the game, all the big mods improve the AI anyway.
00:18 hi chat :)
00:20 cohhM
00:21 mistahmistah cohhT zekeFLIRT
00:23 D:
00:24 rooD
00:24 D:
00:25 cohhM
00:25 internet went down again, now i only have chat, no cohh for me cohhFeels
00:26 D:
00:26 cohhD
00:26 cohhM_HF
00:26 @ol_teez might be a thing where you might notice a difference if you played before the patch. I’m not sure yet as I haven’t played since the patch.
00:27 cohhD
00:27 cohhNani
00:27 D:
00:27 D:
00:27 @CohhCarnage So is it true that you never had the delicacy that is the Hawaiian pizza?
00:27 WHAT
00:28 LUL
00:28 bggD
00:28 LUL
00:28 cohhD
00:28 cohhD cohhD cohhD cohhD cohhD cohhD cohhD cohhD cohhD cohhD cohhD cohhD cohhD cohhD cohhD cohhD cohhD cohhD cohhD cohhD cohhD cohhD cohhD cohhD cohhD cohhD
00:28 kimiHmm
00:28 SAME! cohhLUL
00:28 cohhD
00:28 D:
00:28 D:
00:29 D:
00:29 same
00:29 cohhLUL
00:29 cohhOld
00:29 nothing of value missed
00:29 tyhe movies are bad tho
00:29 LUL
00:30 cohhD
00:30 NotLikeThis NotLikeThis NotLikeThis
00:30 cohhD
00:30 D:
00:30 cohhD
00:30 LUL
00:30 WAT
00:30 D:
00:31 Whaaaaaaat!?!
00:31 cohhD
00:31 D: cohhD
00:31 cohhStare
00:31 D:
00:31 D:
00:31 cohhM cohhM cohhM cohhM
00:31 WHAT?
00:31 Me neither cohh
00:32 cohhD
00:32 rooD
00:33 cohhD
00:33 cohhD
00:33 cohhD
00:33 D:
00:33 WeirdChamp
00:33 NANI!!!!!!!!
00:33 cohhD
00:33 cohhD cohhD cohhD cohhD cohhD cohhD
00:34 what a muggle
00:34 cohhD cohhD cohhD cohhD cohhD
00:34 i haven't either
00:34 NO WAY
00:34 cohHD
00:34 Nandato?!
00:34 D:
00:35 never read it only seen 1 movie
00:35 cohhD
00:35 WHAAAAT D:
00:35 cohhD
00:36 shame!
00:36 xenoKek
00:36 Harry Potter is awful cohh, dont waste your time
00:36 OMFG
00:36 cohhD
00:36 thank you @CohhCarnage
00:36 cohhD
00:36 cohhStare
00:36 cohhD
00:37 this is blasphemy D:
00:37 :O
00:37 rooD
00:37 cohhD cohhD cohhD cohhD cohhD
00:37 cohhStare
00:37 ...same
00:37 cohhD
00:37 keep it secret please julia
00:37 cohhO
00:38 cohhNani cohhNani cohhNani cohhNani cohhNani cohhNani cohhNani cohhNani cohhNani cohhNani cohhNani cohhNani cohhNani cohhNani cohhNani cohhNani cohhNani cohhNani cohhNani cohhNani cohhNani cohhNani
00:38 I AM UNSUBBING cohhD
00:38 holy crap r u seirous?!?!?!
00:38 D:
00:38 nor i
00:38 cohhD
00:39 o.O
00:40 LUL cohhD
00:41 well I'm out danMad
00:41 me too. eh.
00:41 WutFace WutFace WutFace WutFace WutFace WutFace
00:42 @a_novas Chill with the caps, please. cohhGG [Warning: 1]
00:42 cancel cohh!
00:42 Cohh cant read cohhT
00:42 cohhD cohhD
00:42 cohhNani
00:42 Get and AXE!
00:43 BAN HIM BANNNN cohhD
00:43 @destfiel Chill with the caps, please. cohhGG [Warning: 1]
00:44 I mean they are for young teens or young adults
00:44 cohh7
00:44 cohhD
00:44 Your kids will cohhLUL
00:45 what is a harry potter?
00:46 Ah eq1 caster life....cast cast sit.
00:46 unsub
00:46 thats it I'm done with Cohh cohhK
00:46 Thats ok Cohh you are probably to old for it now
00:47 cohhD
00:47 cohh7
00:48 cohhShame cohhShame cohhShame cohhShame cohhShame cohhShame cohhShame cohhShame
00:48 :D Lol
00:48 cohhStare BAN
00:48 unsubbbbbb
00:48 My Hero
00:49 cohhD cohhD cohhD cohhD cohhD
00:49 same!!!!
00:49 the mass unfollowing of cohhcarnage begins
00:50 Me either
00:50 it's okay, i've never seen star wars. there are literally dozens of us out there
00:50 good the author is a horrible person
00:50 I got hyped.
00:50 You're a monster Cohh. cohhLUL
00:50 I've only read up to book 4 and stopped.
00:51 @CohhCarnage STOP THE STREAM AND GO READ! SwiftRage
00:51 didn't miss much
00:52 Chat, don't ask Cohh about Star Wars
00:52 cohhStare cohhStare cohhStare cohhStare cohhStare cohhStare cohhStare cohhStare cohhStare cohhStare cohhStare cohhStare cohhStare cohhStare cohhStare cohhStare cohhStare cohhStare
00:52 You probably ain
00:53 UNSUB
00:54 sits back as Chat explodes cohhLUL
00:54 And Laina still loves you?!
00:54 @Julia smartest VIP of Cohh cohhHug
00:55 books >>> movies
00:55 Loved the books.
00:56 he's a muggle, get him!
00:58 don't bother
00:58 What's a harry potter?
00:58 sumG
00:58 Chat the movies are average at best
00:59 clip for highlights
00:59 We need Amazon prime watch party
00:59 cohhShame
01:00 oh my sub is out, can't cap anymore LUL
01:01 what you drinking there cohh?
01:01 Unsoobscribled sir!
01:03 Way overrated
01:04 cohhD cohhD cohhD cohhD you need to watch the movies
01:04 I regret watching the movies
01:05 Off the council!
01:06 It's fine Cohh cohhO
01:06 jackJULIA sure
01:07 You're not really missing out that much Cohh.
01:07 @CohhCarnage So your Pure?
01:07 cohhNo cohhNo cohhNo
01:07 ehh, Harry Potter is a pretty standard fantasy school story, no really worth it
01:08 @Serotriptomine Yas the books were great!
01:08 @CohhCarnage and trhe other 5k people LUL
01:09 cohhHi cohhHi evening chat cohhL
01:09 they are so good Kreygasm Kreygasm Kreygasm
01:09 *tweeting like crazy*
01:09 cringeOoh cringeOoh cringeLE cringeRE
01:09 @CohhCarnage ... You Poor Unfortunate Soul..
01:10 Serotriptomine gonna leave his Mod post cohhLUL
01:10 Unsub
01:10 @CohhCarnage Hey Cohh, Can you explain the shared loot screen if you have a chance.
01:10 Julia has asked that harry potter question a few times now, so I think she is looking forward to playing as Hermione
01:11 I do a Harry Potter rewatch every year, they are so good.
01:11 LUL
01:12 cohhBlank2
01:12 posting to twitter
01:12 They are great reads Cohh, if you ever find time to read them cohhL
01:14 cohhLick fluffymcnoob
01:14 cohhNani cohhNani
01:16 cohhFreak
01:16 Cohh prefers Fabio romance novels @CohhCarnage Kappa
01:16 I have a death eater tattoo lol bit of a fan
01:16 I’m out
01:17 n0rdish lmao
01:17 same
01:17 @CohhCarnage btw you dont need to watch the movies just read the books cohhLUL
01:17 what a troll
01:18 Secwets rooVV
01:18 cohhLUL
01:18 *gasp*
01:19 thats ok
01:20 D:
01:20 that's actually OK
01:20 LUL
01:20 same
01:21 GROSS
01:22 BANNED
01:23 cohhD PANIC
01:23 cohhD cohhD
01:24 cohhBlank2 cohhBlank2 cohhBlank2 cohhBlank2 cohhBlank2
01:24 thats fine LUL
01:24 You didn't miss much
01:24 :o
01:24 Read the books
01:24 The harry potter books are not very consistent. It's kinda funny, they start rather mild and then over the series they turn dark real quick
01:25 cohhFreak cohhFreak!!!!!
01:25 cohhD
01:25 thank god more people didnt watch harry potter cohhBless
01:25 cohhLUL
01:25 WHAT?!
01:25 I mean you didn't miss much LUL
01:25 Clap
01:25 And that's okay.
01:25 ban him bannnnn D:
01:26 @CohhCarnage I wouldn't bother. They are basically an instruction manual on how to abuse children.
01:26 LUL
01:26 DMCA'd
01:26 oh thats fine, they all sucked
01:26 thats fine tho LUL
01:26 well, it was a good run
01:26 that's allowed
01:27 funcom is making a dune game like conan and im excited
01:27 Rule no1 of CohhZ streams. Dont talk about them
01:27 cohhPog THIS IS UNACCEPTABLE cohhD
01:27 I don't blame you on that one.
01:28 as it should be
01:28 That's OK Cohh cohhLUL
01:28 STILL? cohhO
01:28 You didn't miss much
01:29 cohhD
01:29 That's a good choice
01:29 some r good
01:29 cohhD
01:30 didn't miss much
01:30 and you call yourself a nerd
01:30 We've known that one since you played Fallen Order.
01:30 What!
01:30 cohhLUL
01:31 lmao
01:31 that's understandable
01:31 That's fine tho
01:31 That's ok! They're not that great!
01:31 Now, that's fair
01:32 You're wasting NOTHING
01:32 You did yourself a favor @CohhCarnage
01:32 bad movies anyway
01:32 I can get that, i only seen one myself as well
01:34 Early 1000s?
01:34 Omg
01:35 you're not missing anything
01:35 Now you are just flexing
01:35 I haven't either cohh rooSuffer
01:36 as long as you know the old movies...you didn't miss much
01:36 thats a good choice
01:36 thats ok
01:36 Movies are overrated cohhO
01:36 stop triggering us on purpose!!! cohhD cohhD cohhD cohhD cohhD
01:36 that's acceptable - episode 1 was peak star wars
01:37 Rogue One is glorious
01:37 I made it to ep2
01:37 Cohh just became my hero!
01:38 Disney star wars is not star wars
01:38 you monster
01:38 probably a smart move
01:38 @CohhCarnage don't worry.. you didn't miss anything
01:39 you ain't missing much
01:39 that's fine though
01:40 you really haven't missed much on that front
01:40 okay so thats fine, he just saw the best three and 1 of the bad ones
01:40 Cohh my wife drank your coffee and started calling our car roach you know anything about this ? @cohhcarnage
01:40 they arent good anyway
01:41 like year 1000?
01:41 thats probably better than watching them
01:42 Episode one deserved that reaction
01:42 This is great content
01:42 so the worst date night for Cohh.. Pineapple pizza and going to the movies to see Star Wars Episode 9?
01:43 Not missing much Cohh cohhK
01:43 weird flex but okay
01:43 sumR sumG
01:43 That... is actually fine though...
01:44 : DansGame
01:44 LOL
01:44 well guys it was a good run. @cohhcarnage just got kicked off the internet. he shall be missed. #DontCancelCohh
01:45 cohhHi Rising from the ashes, ThePhoenixSol is here! cohhHi
01:45 Cohh I only saw these SW movies due to my kid
01:45 Unfollow
01:45 @CohhCarnage @Julia good thing all this is between you two
01:45 TableHere FlipThis
01:46 That's ok Cohh... they haven't made a good movie since the 80's
01:46 early thousands cohhDerp
01:47 OOF
01:47 What server does cohh play on?
01:48 havent missed much then LUL
01:48 cohhNani cohhNani cohhNani
01:49 ah yes starwars 1100 A.D.
01:50 thats fine
01:50 that one's ok, I haven't seen any, not even the early ones
01:50 not missing much LUL
01:51 hahahahaha.
01:51 lord of the rings
01:52 you played KOTOR so are semi forgiven
01:52 LUL
01:52 You didn't miss mitch
01:52 true
01:53 haha
01:53 LMAO
01:54 you know what you also haven't seen yet Cohh? the Warframe Documentary
01:54 Cohh only exists on the interweb cohhBot
01:54 I wish I could unsee episodes 1-3.
01:54 cohhLUL
01:54 Cohh is from the early 1000s ? cohhHmm
01:55 lirikBOOMER cohhOld
01:56 If you say that you haven't seen LOTR ... we revolt
01:56 Lucky Cohh all that time saved... whew
01:56 cohhLUL
01:56 that's okay Cohh. the books were okay and the movies were a disjointed mess.
01:58 @CohhCarnage have you seen the Terminator movies thou
01:59 @CohhCarnage what about lord of the rings tho?
01:59 Star Wars ResidentSleeper
01:59 I have never seen Star Wars either LUL
01:59 cohhLUL
01:59 don't make fun of cohh's rock he enjoys hiding under it
01:59 actually good decision
01:59 The newest three of the main series are pretty bad
02:01 someone get in there and train that man
02:02 Episode VIII and IX.... eh....
02:03 LOL
02:04 i mean you saw the original 3 so
02:04 !Modapp
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02:04 I'm not a fan of Star Wars but I loooove the Harry Potter books. The movies are meh.
02:05 @CohhCarnage how does outward compare Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen?
02:05 Bruh
02:05 lol
02:05 your not really missing out
02:07 you would have passed a gall stone with the New Trilogy then LUL
02:07 LUL
02:07 cohhLUL cohhLUL
02:07 uh oh
02:07 LUL
02:08 @kanekill416 He is talking about the prequels and the sequels :P
02:08 Uhhh. NOPE.
02:08 LUL
02:09 cohhzy everquest
02:09 lol
02:09 cohhO
02:09 1-3 are pretty eh original trilogy is my favorite.
02:10 @aphrael1337 i love that cozy streams has the same people every day
02:10 LUL
02:10 cohhM
02:11 hahahahaha.
02:11 cohhLUL cohhLUL
02:11 cohhLUL
02:11 cohhM
02:12 LUL
02:13 @CohhCarnage Realized no one could ever top Jar Jar's performance in future movies!!
02:13 cohhLUL
02:14 cphhM
02:16 So @cohhcarnage has seen all the good Star Wars, so it’s fine
02:16 Rogue One was pretty good. Other then that all of them have been trash since the OT
02:16 cohhM
02:17 LUL
02:17 XD
02:17 LUL
02:18 D:
02:19 Rogue One is God Tier
02:21 wow LOL
02:21 oof
02:21 ahh a Star Wars snob cohhDap
02:23 lmao
02:24 I mean episode 1 is worth it for Duel of the Fates tho
02:24 cohhD cohhD cohhD cohhD cohhD cohhD
02:24 Blasphemy
02:24 WHAT
02:24 D:
02:24 D:
02:24 @Julia make a emote that say only see Star Wars EP 1 cohhDerp
02:25 omg Cohh
02:25 LUL
02:25 @cohhcarnage revenge of the sith is pretty good, and Rogue One is AMAZEBALLS
02:26 @CohhCarnage What server do you play on?
02:26 D:
02:26 same
02:27 And the books ?
02:27 cohhStare
02:27 Now you're just B.S.in Cohh. LOL
02:27 cohhFeels cohhFeels cohhFeels cohhFeels cohhFeels cohhFeels cohhFeels
02:27 the first!? LUL
02:27 ok, now you're pushing it
02:27 okay now that is heresy
02:28 D:
02:28 cohhD
02:28 cohhD
02:29 1, 2, and 3 are better than the new trilogy
02:29 only the first. pshh
02:29 LUL
02:29 @CohhCarnage I haven't seen an issue with the Battletech AI, but if you mod the game, all the big mods improve the AI anyway.
02:30 wait, what?
02:30 Anyway @Julia do you have details on this RPG you speak of?!
02:30 cohhD BURN THE WITCH
02:31 Have you seen Baby's Day Out?
02:31 Cohh doesn't watch movies cohhT
02:31 LOL
02:32 LUL
02:32 cohhStare
02:33 <the first>?
02:33 the second one is the BEST
02:33 You must see them all
02:33 NotLikeThis NotLikeThis NotLikeThis NotLikeThis
02:34 HERESY
02:34 Who is this person...
02:34 LUL
02:34 Boromir fmgBORO zekePEPE
02:34 The Hobbit movies were legit.
02:34 Dude thats it !!!!!!! UNSUBBED
02:35 Something tragic has happened to you, Cohh
02:35 some people just can't enjoy good movies...Shrug
02:35 ONLY PANIC if she starts cohhLe ing while driving Kappa \
02:36 im out
02:36 cohhShame cohhShame cohhShame cohhShame cohhShame cohhShame cohhShame cohhShame
02:36 AH witcher joke. got it
02:37 cohhNo that is not ok cohh
02:37 @CohhCarnage Are we talking about the animated one? That one was the best
02:38 any of the marvel movies?
02:38 cohhBlank2
02:38 coohyh isso out of lul
02:38 Okay but what about finding nemo?
02:38 Now THAT i'll give you a OMG on... go watch it right now, end the stream
02:39 Now that is where I draw the line
02:39 the cartoon LOTR?
02:40 cohhShame
02:40 gluLOL
02:40 cohhLUL
02:40 I'm going to get an EQ account just so I can train his group now
02:41 @CohhCarnage the Matrix ?
02:41 I've never seen Cohh, Keanu, or Geralt in the same room. You can't convince me they're not all the same.
02:41 lmao I forgot cohh said movies just pass him by
02:41 can someone PLEASE report this guy to twitch authorities?
02:41 FOOL of a took!
02:42 I cannot fathom this logic
02:42 Not quite 100% but pretty good.
02:42 LUL LUL cohhShame
02:43 Wrinxz one moment let me find them jackJULIA
02:43 @CohhCarnage I cant say anything, there a ton of movies I havent seen cohhLUL
02:43 Absolute madman
02:43 the first? you mean, the first movie or the trilogie that is NOT the hobit? cohhHmm
02:43 @CohhCarnage i don't know if we can be friends anymore!
02:43 Okay now you're just trying to rile me
02:44 @CohhCarnage Were you a hipster before hipsters were a thing?
02:44 Burn the heretic
02:44 Cohh, they have these things called "TV", you should invest in them
02:45 i gotta say, I didn't have much time lately to see Cohh's stream, but this cozy stream is pretty damn good
02:47 Princess Bride????
02:47 Whats a matter with this guy?
02:47 @CohhCarnage pla stop saying these things, you are hurting char
02:47 the matrix?
02:47 C
02:47 you mean you've read the book, right? Kappa
02:47 ok do tell, why are you NOT watching them
02:48 man that makes watching cohh kinda hard
02:48 LOL
02:49 @CohhCarnage So basically you HATE happiness?
02:49 cohhShame
02:49 Is your graphics card broken?
02:50 lol what is this evil
02:50 He cannot be stopped
02:50 they are super long movies
02:51 I’ll admit it, I loved the new Star Trek movies though the weakest of the 3 was “Into Darkness.”
02:51 Marathon stream
02:51 Hey Cohh, seen any Stargate?
02:52 I don't even know whats real anymore. cohhD
02:52 just marathon the extended cuts 4Head
02:52 first time see erverquest, looks terrible
02:53 cohhShame
02:53 More like BORED of the rings. Am I right people?
02:53 LUL
02:54 LUL LUL
02:55 at least Cohh has heard of Baby Shark, if not that'd be the true travesty rooThink
02:55 If i was a sub right now, i would unsub!!!
02:56 cohhShame
02:57 IT IS THO
02:57 this is getting to be too much cohhFight
02:57 kimiSip
02:58 Maybe the animated version of Lord of the Rings from 1978 is more to your liking, Cohh
02:58 IM just going to say it: STAR WARS, HARRY POTTER AND LOTR are way way way OVERRATED
02:59 grab the pitchforks chat
03:00 Thanks for the tip for outward at 5,99
03:01 You all have to remember @CohhCarnage doesn't really watch movies, but he'll watch 2-4 anime episodes in a night (you know, the full length of a movie) ;)
03:02 LUL
03:02 well now u gotta do it. 9hrs lord of the rings binge stream
03:02 Star Trek: Beyond is AMAZING
03:02 LUL
03:02 We NEED THE cohhShame emote back Cohh!
03:04 Heck yes
03:04 lotr is hands down one of the best movie trilogies ever made
03:04 CLap
03:04 nice
03:04 lol
03:04 NEMO?
03:04 @Julia Waiting in anticipation! cohhL
03:04 Hambubger86 danNo
03:04 cohhWut
03:05 LUL
03:05 Tysonions NEVER
03:05 Get out.
03:06 LUL
03:06 LUL
03:06 FML
03:06 HAHAHA
03:06 Clap
03:07 LUL
03:08 LOTR is really worth watching. I just watched Harry Potter recently, and they were okay movies
03:08 cohhLUL
03:08 CiGrip
03:08 Yes
03:08 worth
03:08 cohhLUL
03:08 cohhPog
03:09 cohhShame
03:09 Twilight? cohhStare
03:09 Whats that?
03:10 next he's going to tell us he never heard of Star Trek LUL
03:10 Alright you're winning me back
03:11 Nice knowing you @cohhcarnage been a good run
03:11 Thought you were gonna say Paw Patrol
03:11 This is a legit reason for rioting in the US. what kind of utter blasphemy
03:11 for SHAME
03:12 yes best movie
03:12 Funyons!!
03:12 okay... redeemed cohhRude
03:12 :P
03:13 cohhM cohhM cohhM
03:14 shiit me too bro
03:14 cohhPog
03:15 A true patron to the arts LUL
03:15 Killer had to kill his brother man
03:15 and some FUNYONS
03:16 lol
03:16 It kinda is. LOTR is the best trilogy ever made
03:16 @CohhCarnage pls take a few days OFF twitch to watch LORD OF THE RINGS, we give you permission to not stream
03:16 I was gonna say Die Hard...
03:16 have you ever seen the moon....
03:17 cohhStare
03:17 LUL
03:18 Yeah, but like, have you ever seen Half Baked...... ON WEED?
03:18 @Slippage_ it is
03:18 cohhFeels
03:19 Cohh loves every Game but Hate almost every movie? cohhHmm
03:19 have you ever seen the moon on .....
03:20 cohhN
03:20 🎬 👏
03:20 Redeemed !!!
03:21 These dad jokes are outta control kimiOk
03:21 Butterstufff
03:22 What part of Jamaica are you from?
03:22 yajhhh
03:22 SeemsGood
03:23 LUL
03:23 sumG sumUp sumUp
03:23 cohhStare cohhStare
03:23 cohhShame cohhShame cohhShame
03:24 and hes not even a pothead folks
03:24 cohhShame
03:25 @Hambubger86 cohhStare cohhStare
03:25 I have the LotR Extended Edition DVDs still.
03:25 with commercials LUL
03:25 one does not simply only watch the first part of the trilogy cohhNo
03:26 Right from da beach
03:26 as a diabetic, I approve this statement
03:26 @cohhcarnage okay okay... but what about Monty Python?
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03:26 Thanks for subbing @firesonman! Check your whispers (or contact a mod) if you'd like your shoutout! Appreciate your support! cohhGV
03:26 cohhGShow cohhGShow cohhGShow cohhGShow cohhGShow
03:27 @hailgoats Chill with the caps, please. cohhGG [Warning: 1]
03:27 I wish Mulan was out. finally making a "live action" that doesn't just redo the animated to a T
03:28 what's next? never seen dude where's my car or the pick of destiny? NotLikeThis
03:28 cohhStare
03:29 SAMPSON!
03:29 cohhWut cohhWut cohhWut
03:30 BRO, comedy central = PCU
03:30 Abazabba you my only friend!@
03:34 cohhWut
03:34 i love you cohh LUL
03:34 CohhCarnage i thought you'd go with the goonies cohhLUL
03:35 you ever SUCK **** FOR WEED ?! get outta here!
03:36 @CohhCarnage I forgive you
03:36 what about beetlejuice cohh
03:37 LOTR best trilogy? GODFATHER IS 5 million times better
03:37 @OneInchMan87 You are insane rooREE Lord of the Rings is practically genre defining!
03:38 The guy on the couch
03:39 Mama fell!
03:39 The Princess Bride, that would be acceptable
03:41 that winona ryder though
03:41 Luna_Is_BestPrincess 7 was alright 8 was weird...9 was cohhWut
03:43 hope its a joke about LOTR @CohhCarnage
03:43 I feel like this is a big incite into your persona
03:44 no that movie is great LUL you are missing something
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