DrLupo Escape From Tarkov ·
00:00 FUCK CANCER.... for the kids much love brother
00:00 you should play csgo
00:00 We’re here lupo lupoLOVE
00:01 I got a fiver for ya
00:03 and that is y i watch this channel
00:03 I'll be there regardless of what you play. I wanna empty some money out of my pockets to charity.
00:03 Many 90’s will be cranked
00:04 My Reserve SCAV queues have been 10+ min
00:06 lupoLOVE lupoLOVE lupoLOVE lupoLOVE lupoLOVE lupoLOVE lupoLOVE
00:07 Doesn't everyone have tarkov drops that day
00:07 e1imination32 subscribed at Tier 1. They've subscribed for 9 months, currently on a 9 month streak!
00:08 @drlupo is it now? Is it soon yet?
00:09 !soon
00:10 @oliverlhouse You too? LOL
00:12 I'll be there I suck at fortnite but I like watching people play that are good
00:15 Yes Daddy
00:15 I wish video game companies would give free copies of their games to kids in hospitals like St Jude
00:16 woods
00:18 jordon_232 subscribed at Tier 1. They've subscribed for 2 months! what time is the charity stream
00:18 Chat I just got 500K Golden Ds lupoHYPE lupoHYPE
00:18 Soon soon chat. CoolStoryBob CoolStoryBob CoolStoryBob CoolStoryBob CoolStoryBob
00:18 Dad you always do a fantastic job and I have no doubt you will again lupoLOVE lupoLOVE lupoHYPE lupoHYPE
00:19 Bedient88 subscribed with Twitch Prime. They've subscribed for 26 months! Who needs drops.
00:21 woods
00:21 Yes
00:23 lupoDAB lupoRAGE
00:24 interchange took me like 12 minutes
00:28 @RoseSin Okay....good. Glad someone else does it. lupoS
00:28 LUL
00:28 lupoHYPE
00:29 LUL
00:29 We are gonna annihilate that dono button to the moon. I’m ready. lupoLOVE
00:29 KEKW
00:29 It’s for the kids and that’s awesome! But shooting peeps in the mouth is all relative
00:30 Shoreline?
00:31 a game that i want but cant buy bc the website wont go through with my cc :( @DrLupo
00:32 woods for RR runs
00:32 this is tomorrow?
00:33 LUL
00:33 haha
00:35 KEKW
00:35 what do you want lol klean
00:35 you do not have to give us stuff to watch you
00:35 KEKW
00:35 !uptime
00:37 FTK
00:38 Finally got my first Reshala kill
00:38 W A B S
00:38 @Bedient88 i do
00:38 LUL
00:39 Wabz?
00:41 and there it is
00:42 you're not dating??? so it's purely physical then?
00:43 KEKW
00:44 Gamepass isnt free, so thats hardly an argument
00:44 lul
00:45 Go factory!
00:46 FTK
00:46 I'll watch anything to help those kids and I'll be here ready to donate
00:47 KEKW
00:47 Factory
00:47 Labs run?
00:47 your butt looks amazing in those pants
00:48 loll
00:48 LULW
00:49 You could Clean House in Factory!
00:50 KEKW
00:50 KEKW
00:51 keith_ocean subscribed at Tier 2. They've subscribed for 10 months, currently on a 10 month streak!
00:51 LUL
00:51 shioGIGGLE
00:51 Charity stream on my birthday, will be here to support the kids
00:52 😂🤦♂️
00:52 KEKW
00:55 Night Reserve KEKW
00:55 Hey Lupo and Chat!! Hope everyone's having a great night!!! lupoHEY lupoLOVE lupoLOVE
00:56 who's gunna tell MrsLupo?
00:57 KEKW
00:59 KEKW
01:02 Confirmed that lupo and Klean are dating
01:02 jenntaLUL jenntaLUL
01:03 NIceee
01:03 Going to do my best to catch the stream tomorrow AM!
01:04 Mom and Dad stop fighting
01:08 @18B_ACTUAL thx for the sub
01:08 lupo1 lupo2
01:10 That all hits home
01:12 REee Klean hates Tarkov Kappa
01:13 !whereisklean
01:13 !whereisklean
01:15 Woo!! Finally get to watch my favorite streamer
01:16 pistol runs factory LUL
01:17 I want only keys to go into containers.
01:19 Klean is taking our buttholes away!
01:19 CULTIST Pog
01:20 lmaooo
01:21 Bruh!!
01:21 BOO this man
01:21 @cheez_11 u too lupoYE
01:22 kleanDirty kleanBOI kleanHype
01:22 D:
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