CohhCarnage EverQuest ·
00:01 Defiance was amazing. loved playing pvp matches with you Cohh.
00:01 you make your own luck
00:02 Yeah, but they had to put in a lot of work to improve
00:02 bahroo got big because he decided to stay home during the twitchcon they released twitch prime LUL
00:03 How the heck do you not have a business degree, cohh. XD
00:04 @CohhCarnage Think about Pestily and Tarkov as a recent example.
00:06 LUL
00:07 @CohhCarnage Can you express that to chat in the form of a mathematical equation?
00:10 positioning, getting lucky, whats with all the sex talk Cohh cohhMy
00:11 Cohh? You giving away this for free?! cohhD Why not sell it as a video for 20€ a piece
00:11 MAKE luck
00:12 LUL
00:12 KKona Clap
00:13 :( im not lucky
00:13 same sort of triangle for taking a gig as a musician. Music/Money/People
00:13 im not lucky :(
00:13 albert85LOVE
00:14 smart? cohhO
00:16 HahaThink
00:16 cohhCheer cohhCheer cohhCheer cohhCheer
00:16 Preach it brother! This is my belief as well
00:17 cohhS up this twitch
00:17 lol
00:20 a consistent schedule really helps
00:20 FMG aired a neat DJ session that exploded his popularity, people hope to get that quick luck LUL
00:22 raizKappa grindinggears eh?
00:22 Cohh Soapbox mode, is best mode.
00:23 Never lucky FeelsBadMan
00:23 Do you feel lucky Chat? Do you???
00:23 D:
00:23 LUL
00:23 hehe, grind my gears...
00:23 cohhD
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00:24 cohhLUL
00:24 cohhGShow cohhGShow cohhGShow cohhGShow cohhGShow
00:24 Cohh worked hard for his money
00:25 cohhD
00:26 im not lucky or smart FeelsBadMan
00:26 cohhD
00:26 LUL
00:26 rooD
00:26 @CohhCarnage It LIKE kickstarter Cohh
00:27 hahaha
00:27 D:
00:27 cohhD
00:28 lol
00:28 cohhD
00:28 D:
00:28 cohhD
00:28 And luck runs out - even for the people a couple years in with thousands of viewers. When "that game" dies, they'll have to adapt. :)
00:28 @CohhCarnage didnt you say before you will not stream everquest again because of losing viewers?
00:28 wow cohh inspire, trending hash tag in instagram!!
00:28 COHH.
00:28 LUL
00:28 D:
00:29 D:
00:29 cohhMy
00:29 cohhD
00:29 cohhD
00:29 :D
00:29 SWEAR JAR!
00:30 D:
00:30 cohhCV
00:30 D:
00:30 cohhD
00:30 cohhD
00:30 cohhD
00:31 D:
00:31 D:
00:31 cohhD
00:31 D:
00:31 cohhD
00:32 cohhD cohhD
00:33 danD
00:33 nsfw danD
00:33 cohhD
00:34 cohhO
00:34 D:
00:34 PogChamp
00:34 D:
00:34 @CohhCarnage rooD You're being mean to us
00:34 cohhD SWEAR
00:35 D:
00:35 So you got that Harry Potter potion then cohhWow
00:35 D:
00:36 cohhO
00:36 laraProf Cohh
00:37 @CohhCarnage luck is a skill :)
00:37 D:
00:37 cohhLUL cohhLUL cohhLUL
00:38 @CohhCarnage What a brain?
00:38 that spell effect monkaS
00:38 cohhD
00:39 ohman, mah brain
00:39 big true
00:39 cohhD
00:40 @cohhcarnage Is playing EQ now for positioning, or more for you/fun at this point?
00:40 cohhHi cohhML cohhML cohhMVP cohhMVP cohhGV cohhGV cohhGV cohhGV cohhGV cohhGV cohhGV cohhGV cohhGV cohhGV
00:41 lol swear Jar
00:41 D:
00:42 There still luck though. I've grown a business and even though I did all the right things to get where I am today, there is always luck involved
00:42 cohhD cohhD cohhD
00:42 cohhSip
00:43 Gasp!
00:43 cohhWaii
00:44 and Cohh has and continues to make good content
00:44 Fair.
00:45 "family friendly"
00:45 LUL
00:46 my bwain cohhO
00:46 cohhD
00:46 cohhN
00:47 🧠
00:49 100% pure Colombian Luck
00:50 @CohhCarnage *cough* Play a game when it's doing Twitch Drops... *cough*
00:50 @CohhCarnage you need to write a book
00:50 We just have the wrong gear stats, chat!
00:50 You have a real-time bleep? That's awesome!
00:51 !rant
00:51 Kinda like a Kickstarter Cohh not all ks works
00:51 fallout 4 brought me gere
00:51 Thank-you for tuning in for "Rant Time With Cohh." Join us next time when he will discuss his dislike for green Jell-O and other residents hiding the remote. cohhOld
00:52 @CohhCarnage What was the type of research you did? If you can recall.
00:52 That was so god damn motivationl
00:52 its Different times now though
00:54 Cohh After Dark Libido
00:55 Luck is a factor but not the only factor
00:55 some of them are quite detached from reality and adult working life
00:55 @CohhCarnage That's motivating dude. I thought it was impossible at this point. Too saturated and whatnot PogChamp
00:58 @CohhCarnage I think there is one important thing also, you gotta do it for the love of it - NOT to just earn money
00:59 cohhO
01:00 i think its a square the 4th point should to be know when to call it a day if your not feeling good or having a bad day or something to know when to call it for me and who i watch its all about the cohhGV
01:00 Its all or nothing and I never settle for nothing. Never leave it to change cohhOld
01:00 cohhD
01:01 D:
01:01 A lot harder when the pool is a lot more crowded then it was 7 years ago.
01:01 Agreed
01:02 cohhHi cohhHi
01:02 just be lucky 4Head
01:03 what percentage of streamers are making a living off of twitch 0.1%?
01:04 true
01:05 @Neddy_Z Halo wasnt popular at all when he was playing H1Z1 vs Doc, he was averaging low hundreds
01:05 you need to have some charisma also
01:05 thank you for not giving up cohh!
01:06 Swears cohhD
01:07 cohhD cohhD
01:07 @CohhCarnage Who can I speak for the part-time?
01:08 curse D:
01:08 cohhLick calendarman1
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01:09 cohh the inspiration needed to get some work done today SeriousSloth
01:09 cohhGShow cohhGShow cohhGShow cohhGShow cohhGShow
01:09 well ofc tbh reason why im here its not a toxic chat/enviroument, cause those do not fly for me
01:09 i love how passionate Cohh is about this
01:10 real talk
01:11 And you need enough knowledge/understanding to take advantage of opportunities. Luck can pass you by without you knowing
01:12 cohhEZ
01:13 preach it Cohh naroBless
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