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00:27 no ones watching? lol
00:52 wassup
00:54 Am i alone here
01:04 oi
01:06 Lets gonDigggggg KEKW
01:18 moin
01:24 hi
01:28 BB
01:41 faker carry die alle
01:43 s
01:44 pog
01:44 notification squad
01:47 TSM LUL
01:51 first
02:09 I was first boiii
02:17 Reeee
02:26 reeee
02:28 tsm lost
02:29 TSM KEKW
02:39 Is the game in an hour and a half??
02:42 I don't even watch lol lmao
02:50 is it bad that I want double lift to lose, but the rest of his team to win?
02:54 yup
02:55 TSM LOSING 3:0
03:01 byeeeereeeee
03:21 Spoilers: tsm lost
03:28 get biodaddy back
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