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Pestily Escape from Tarkov ·
00:00 ¿ǝɯ pɐǝɹ noʎ uɐɔ sǝd ᴉH
00:03 Do you have to stir your tea counterclockwise now?
00:03 this is 2020 KEKW
00:04 @Moosecow1 Becuse of gravity. Gravity works in all directions from the mass
00:04 Lol I think I’m getting a headache.
00:06 the land down under
00:06 noo pls
00:06 we in the the upside down, fuckin demogorgans and shit WutFace
00:07 Flat earth, confirmed
00:07 @MrRockGuy Yes
00:07 Okay, Chat. Everyone form a nice line to get your Spiderman theme kisses from Pestily. No tongue, please.
00:09 put it back
00:09 where is pestiyl
00:09 Okay my mind is going to blow up
00:10 straya
00:10 LUL
00:11 hello
00:11 how the hell can u loot that long, i would be dead 50 times already
00:12 noo
00:12 lol ...this is damn disorienting
00:12 KEKW falling upstairs
00:13 THX
00:14 You're on the ceiling
00:16 ¿ǝɯ pɐǝɹ noʎ uɐɔ sǝd ᴉH
00:16 O_O saved
00:17 oh cuz hes in straya
00:17 helloo
00:18 is his hearing reversed now? look out chat
00:18 Spider pestily spider pestily does whatever a spider pestily does
00:19 super stoked the hoody has been printed and shipped @Pestily
00:19 lol ozzie gamer confirmed
00:19 https://clips.twitch.tv/GrossGlamorousWolverineNotATK
00:19 saved PogU
00:21 I was kinda digging the upside down pestily
00:24 Server exposed
00:24 he really was in aus
00:25 phew!
00:26 PogU
00:26 oh he is back in the Netherlands now Kappa
00:26 rekd
00:27 dayum
00:27 I see that you’re finally in Australia now
00:28 Pog
00:28 it looks like the blood was rushing to his head haha
00:28 monkaS
00:28 wtf
00:28 monkaW
00:29 DAMN
00:29 head/eyes bb
00:29 !why
00:29 jesus
00:29 monkaW
00:29 Pog
00:30 scav in boys
00:30 @Barack_Attack It's because he's from australia
00:30 get hecked kid
00:31 how you not die?
00:31 loool
00:31 LUL
00:31 KEKW
00:32 pog
00:32 Whew he turned the anti Australian filter back on xD
00:32 he got clapped.
00:32 paid actor
00:32 you smacked that dude
00:32 damn
00:33 SHIT ON PogU
00:33 ATTACC
00:33 POG
00:34 GOAT
00:35 what a choke by him
00:35 KEKW bye son
00:35 Camping chad destroyed
00:35 upside down drinking, defying the laws of physics
00:35 you heard him earlier lol
00:36 I was just about to say it's a quiet raid. @Pestily
00:37 clapped
00:38 wasted
00:39 Need a new set of drawers?
00:40 protec
00:41 Well, he was ready - and it didn't help him one bit
00:42 lol not reqady but obliberated this guy
00:46 thicc boi too
00:46 down there??
00:46 You back in Europe?! Your not upside down
00:46 he was a big boy
00:47 well at least he was lit up
00:51 rayretz subscribed with Prime. They've subscribed for 7 months! hi dad
00:51 200IQ
00:52 What if australians are the right way up and we are all upside down.....?
00:53 O_O
00:53 he's a juicer too PogU
00:54 val gamer!
00:55 4000000000 iq
00:55 thicc boy Pog
00:55 JUICE PogU
00:56 big boy
00:57 Didn't even touched you lol
00:57 bro how did he miss pestily there KEKW KEKW
00:59 1000 iq big brain move
01:00 He missed everything LULW
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