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00:05 Jealousy as well
00:10 @eterean what up! you too
00:12 sometimes i go into channels and act slightly rude because i get zero interaction with anyone in my day 2 day i am guilty of that .... its pathetic i know sorrry FeelsBadMan
00:16 xqcBall
00:25 LUL
00:25 KEKW
00:28 Come talk to Devin about a question or lifestyle development topic you have: https://forms.gle/rt2nfQ8WD3E79vff7
00:28 LUL
00:28 LULW
00:30 LULW
00:30 classic
00:30 just take it with a grain of salt if she tells you to fist your kittens :)
00:31 KEKW
00:31 LuvPeekR An early CEO stream?
00:31 ludwigStinky ludwigStinky ludwigStinky
00:32 LULW
00:34 LUL
00:36 out of context clip incoming
00:36 LUL
00:37 Yo @DevinNash loved the youtube video on the apple-google-epic situation. Friggen big brain play man!!! GG's on the great content.
00:40 "was that a sentence ?" :D
00:43 xqcN
00:44 xqcN <-
00:46 Good Afternoon mylLuv mylLuv mylLuv
00:46 KEKW
00:49 Dr. K is bullying him
00:50 KEKW
00:52 LUL
00:52 @DinoValentino all good, thanks!
00:52 LUL
00:53 LUL
00:54 schnozer time
00:55 LUL
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