Klean Escape From Tarkov ·
00:05 FutureMan hi klean n chat
00:09 bro you got a sweet dick
00:11 Damn Bro, Nice Cock.
00:14 always gas your homies up
00:16 you can tell a bloke he looks good with out craving his dick
00:16 TRUE
00:16 the best pistol I've ever shit is the colt 1911 in 10mm
00:18 nice cock bro
00:19 yea, like thats not ghey
00:19 yup
00:19 Why thankyou @Klean I do try
00:21 @Y3arZer0 LMFAO
00:22 suss @Y3arZer0
00:23 yep cock
00:23 KEKW
00:23 @klean loading in slow
00:25 hahahahahah
00:25 Nice cock bend dude
00:25 LOL
00:26 lmao
00:26 YEP COCK
00:26 KEKW
00:26 LUL
00:27 @Klean nice dick?
00:27 cmeisterYikers
00:28 LMAOO
00:29 lmao
00:29 KEKW
00:29 broooooo
00:30 lmfao
00:30 @klean you looking handsome af
00:30 LUL
00:31 LUL
00:31 agreed
00:31 LUL
00:32 KEKW
00:32 KEKW
00:32 lol
00:33 very gay
00:36 KEKW
00:37 just our culture. It's seen as feminine to compliment other men for some reason. Dumb as hell tho lol
00:38 If you can't tell another dude he's looking good, you have some serious issues. kleanKool
00:38 hmmmm KEKW
00:39 HOT YEP COCK ya got there
00:40 LUL
00:40 Damn Blean, Lookin SEXY this morning
00:41 they love rainbows it makes sense
00:41 LOL
00:41 yea but in society men arent really supposed to have a nice juicy thicc gluteus though
00:41 LUL
00:42 I came back to a odd rant lmfao.
00:42 +
00:43 damn bro nice cock
00:44 Flawless logic lol
00:44 hey man your cock feels thick today
00:46 @Klean what do you think about scavs randomly being juiced like a raider to incentivize doing scav runs?
00:47 we always miring guys geekypThink geekypThink geekypThink geekypThink geekypThink
00:47 i genuinely laughed at that
00:47 true lol
00:49 Strapping yung lad
00:49 i mean what if it just slips in one day, just on accident
00:50 lol
00:50 LUL KLEAN is only ceez6
00:51 are you italian? @Klean
00:52 ballz dont touching not gay KEKW
00:54 LUL
00:56 KappaPride
00:57 ok never mind
00:58 KEKW
01:04 that ass fat today gurl
01:04 Hes a Mans Man. Thats the closest thing we get to
01:06 I just laugehd so loud i had to explain to my mrs what you just said. Try saying that with a straight face was hella hard KEKLEOKEKLEO
01:06 Fax
01:08 kleanYes
01:09 Damn bro you thicc, *slaps his ass
01:12 damn gurl wat dem tiddies do
01:12 kleanBruh
01:13 rbzBertram
01:15 TITTIES gachiHYPER
01:17 the shit I seen my wife do and say to her friends this is so true
01:19 Glucose?
01:21 right door
01:21 Joey Diaz 1 on 1 LUL
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