Klean Due Process ·
00:09 Deliverance was a dope game
00:13 Super hardcore
00:20 dude kingdom come was amazing once alot of the bugs were squashed
00:21 LOL
00:25 @Klean may I ask if this game is noob friendly or is it pretty toxic?
00:25 man, remember during the alpha where you had guns at this screen
00:25 uhm
00:27 wtf
00:28 LOLOL
00:28 Kappa spoiled by mordhau
00:29 LMAO
00:30 Yeah, right....
00:30 and could shoot the other team
00:30 oh my
00:30 huh
00:32 wtf
00:32 Love this part hope they keep it KEKW
00:32 lol
00:33 lmao
00:33 kleanKEKS
00:33 lmfao KEKW
00:36 So this is Due process huh
00:40 what was I watching xD
00:41 quick orgy
00:42 wtf
00:42 LOL
00:42 LUL
00:49 i want them to add guns back to that screen lol
00:50 thats an epic loading screen
00:52 yea nothing weird going on
00:52 you know the devs made that loading screen on purpose
00:56 Lolol
00:57 Wtf was that
00:57 that was so San Francisco
00:58 @ukdiscuit it seems to have a smaller community so i would assume its a good community
01:05 nothing unusual here dud
01:09 Ak action PogU
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