Klean Escape From Tarkov ·
00:07 @Aimized oh yeah that vest isnt
00:07 oh thank god it stopped raining
00:12 lol whats this pleb tax? xD
00:13 this wipe
00:13 armored scav vest LUL
00:17 that means slowly they will destroy the game lol
00:20 @Klean does comfort system buff SMGs? Faster to raise and such?
00:20 Is gun ready-time gonna be linked to the weight of the gun in the future? Right now every gun readies at the same speed
00:23 Get out. D:
00:27 TIME
00:28 right so wtf is this other dude saying
00:31 @Aimized scavs have always tanked buckshot to the chest my guy
00:33 KEKW
00:33 LOL
00:34 LUL
00:35 KEKW
00:36 KEKW
00:37 F
00:37 LUL
00:37 @Klean shouldmt the raise speed be tied also to the ergos of the gun
00:38 hahah
00:38 ^^^^^
00:38 lol
00:38 LUL
00:39 KEKW
00:39 Dang
00:39 KEKW
00:40 KEKW
00:40 saw it coming^^
00:40 oops
00:40 oh noooo
00:41 holy shit feels bad
00:41 RIP Uber
00:42 xd
00:44 bastard driver...
00:44 KEKW
00:44 KEKW
00:44 LUL
00:45 KEKW
00:45 Im sorry klean
00:45 LUL
00:47 So you'll be able to have body armor and armored vests again?
00:47 good job chat Kappa
00:48 KEKW
00:52 I didnt know it could do that
00:54 money down the drain, 4Head
00:55 that man took the money and said SKRRTTTTTTTTTTTT
00:56 that guy isn't getting a tip
00:56 lol driver was like 'thanmk for the gas money, dude later!'
00:57 we did it Pepega
00:58 hair is looking fab my guy
00:59 It takes 3Head to know what 4Head & 5Head are doing
01:02 @Klean will they have plates separate so you can add them if you have them? or will they automatically come with the armor?
01:05 that uber driver is a getting 1 star for sure
01:09 There should be a way to prone even if there's no room. I just died 'cause my head kept sticking out above the fucking hood of a car. FeelsBadMan "Cant prone here, so I'll just keep standing here 4Head "
01:10 5 stars?
01:16 1 star uber
01:17 chat owes klean 10 push ups LUL
01:19 what if it was like that still at 100% stamina but if you do that motion it saps your energy
01:21 @Klean Ah good, so when you find a "friendly" player scav, they might not kill you instantly when they shoot you in the back Kappa
01:30 @tactical_t_rex LUL
01:33 head tap inc... he dies most of the time while explaining lol
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