Klean Escape From Tarkov ·
00:01 smokeMETAL
00:07 monkaW deth
00:09 🚆
00:10 how do you use the different ones????
00:14 klean texted Nikita he'll bring them back safe
00:14 shoot the comrad
00:18 he's so paranoid lol
00:27 You alright there Shroud?
00:30 monkaw
00:33 noiceeeeee
00:33 POG
00:34 hahaha
00:35 GGG
00:35 WOOOO
00:36 @Klean bought east 226 last night. First time opening it get 2 ledexs on the shelf and a bitcoin in the carboard box dottyHORNS dottyHORNS dottyHORNS
00:36 gg
00:37 PogU
00:39 KEKEW
00:39 gg
00:43 kleanWoo kleanWoo kleanWoo
00:44 he just dumped bp?
00:44 Gg
00:44 No Squish Squish! I was wrong, thankfully.
00:46 what a raid!!!!
00:50 and all is well isn the world of eft
00:51 Phew
00:54 luckly you guys got out gg
00:58 nice hair bro
01:02 looks good on you
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