SimCopter1 GeoGuessr ·
00:15 i feel it'
00:22 @maxokbfb whats it like?
00:27 Jebaited
00:29 Dong dong
00:29 LUL
00:30 simGee
00:31 Jebaited
00:32 i love how sim beard fit with his shirt rn
00:32 Jebaited
00:33 close enough :)
00:33 wow no one thought that
00:33 LMAO
00:34 SeriousSloth
00:34 LUL
00:35 Wwwooooowwwwww
00:39 Well, correct hemisphere!
00:41 hi sim been a while :D
00:44 LUL
00:50 @GerboPotato what exactly?
00:57 I mean. Right parallel I guess haha
01:01 meh close enough
01:02 Jebaited
01:07 more or less the right latitude! Just gotta work on the longitude! That's like 50%
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