defekt Escape From Tarkov ·
00:13 oh yeah mr big sword meanie mang FeelsBadMan
00:15 I shot a raider on Reserve 4 times in the chest with a scoped Mosin. I think the sight is off somehow.
00:19 stermin can fuck off LUL
00:25 just eating shots
00:26 lul click
00:27 that was awkward
00:28 he took so many fucking shots
00:28 OMG
00:28 monkaHmm
00:30 rip
00:30 dude he took 4 shots lol
00:31 WTF??
00:38 KEKW
00:39 yeah!? what was that !!
00:39 Yeah dude. Mosin does no damage now.
00:39 antonnBruh
00:42 but you would have died in 1 trust me
00:46 mosin stealth nerf? LULWW
00:48 No lie I just found a fucking pumpkin helmet
00:49 @DEFEKT for real.. ty.
00:50 realism bruh KEKW
01:01 An impairedscav killed scavgonepro
01:02 WTF
01:04 It’s like a jack o lantern
01:05 defkHi How's it going @DEFEKT and Chat defkHi
01:07 after the thrid shot i knew he wasnt goin down so you were dead LUL
01:10 what are the chances
01:19 @DEFEKT Can i be an admin in disc please? PepeHands
01:28 impaired scav killed scavgonepro
01:31 YAY!
01:37 What up @defekt defkHi  how's the raids been so far?
01:38 @DEFEKT have armour in backpack
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