Baddie Escape From Tarkov ·
00:14 Whats up queen
00:15 mods ban queenfps pls
00:21 !ban queenfps
00:23 are squad queues still 30 min?
00:26 bop
00:27 Bye Bitch HeyGuys
00:30 lmao
00:32 what
00:34 Back on the 7.62 AK's. They seem to work for you dude
00:38 I can't do shit with them
00:42 but
00:44 I have no POWER PepeHands
00:45 No check mark thats pretty toxic
00:47 okay... FeelsBadMan
00:49 yo whuddup, hope the raids go better today LUL
00:54 God dammit.. I cant go ANYWHERE without fucking chat being BOOLIS!
00:59 @Baddie Im secretly a good guy i just act like an asshole
00:59 LUL
01:05 @ReynoldHughes f u Rey!
01:09 @QueenFPS You bring it on yourself honestly
01:13 We booli because we love wheelc3Love
01:14 Im going back to lurking :(
01:18 do it again rey inkyEvil
01:22 @QueenFPS ilu
01:23 Agreed
01:23 See im good at my disguse
01:25 poor queen
01:26 @Roysenator shut up Roy!
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