CohhCarnage The Long Dark ·
00:00 KKona guns with me
00:02 samsquanche?
00:02 Freedom is overrated
00:03 @luckeris123 Yes this morning
00:03 I think you have to SEDUCE a sasquatch, not hunt it LUL
00:04 we huntin squatch boissss
00:04 hunting squatch
00:06 @cohhcarnage no gloves? or is that just how it looks
00:08 okay chat, what do you wanna bet there's not a real sasquatch
00:09 cohhLUL
00:11 it looks cold out there
00:11 @CohhCarnage youu help me with my depression, thanks for streaming man danLove danAim
00:11 so american are not fat they are very free Kappa
00:12 @CohhCarnage I had to take some work calls and missed a bit.. did you save the lady you had to carry?
00:12 cohhLUL
00:14 @CohhCarnage So the heavier the person More free they are ?
00:15 Never bring a pistol to a Sasquatch cave, as the old saying goes.
00:15 Shouldn't you be wearing gloves?
00:19 hehe will be suprised
00:20 @Bluejay blashpemy
00:21 watch out hes behind u
00:21 where in GOG Galaxy can i see when a % for a game ends?
00:23 KKona why not carrying my gun wherever i go ? KKona Clap
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00:24 cohhGShow cohhGShow cohhGShow cohhGShow cohhGShow
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00:25 I'm kinda glad Cohh doesn't have a dog with him right now because something bad always happens to animal companions and I can't stand to see violence happen to pets, even digital ones!
00:26 @cohhcarnage Hey, is that... a bear to your right? O:-)
00:26 LUL
00:28 cohhFail
00:28 !Shirt
00:28 GET REKT
00:29 cohhM
00:29 hahaha
00:30 monkaS
00:30 LUL
00:30 ugh we still have running shoes
00:31 @Bluejay all the cohhGV
00:31 Bluejay a sub for me? Kappa
00:31 What im hearing and what I am seeing, don't fit!
00:32 LUL
00:32 wait, are we playing a clown????
00:33 frostbite simulator
00:33 LUL
00:33 LUL
00:34 LUL
00:34 Looks like my hands during the winter
00:35 cohhLUL
00:35 bottom left red icon you are on a slope you can hurt your leg @CohhCarnage
00:36 cohhHmm
00:36 LULW
00:36 LUL
00:36 LUL
00:36 LUL
00:37 @Bluejay , LIES, he exists rooREE
00:38 LUL
00:39 LUL
00:39 LUL
00:39 ???
00:41 @Bluejay the almost immortal bear was also a thing cohhM
00:41 You're walking too hard Kappa
00:44 You walked on a slope
00:45 cohhLUL LUL
00:45 Learn to Walk!!
00:46 Steep hill?
00:47 Sprained angle :/
00:47 see walking is dangerous - better stay indoors
00:49 ah yes, bandage. That well known treatment for a sprained ankle :P
00:50 Fall???Like how?
00:50 bad shoes? @CohhCarnage
00:53 @lotta_otter you're on
00:53 cohhFail x2
00:54 CohhCarnage You walked on a slanted area of ground to long.
00:56 LUL I wasn sitting here thinking, its gonna happen!
00:59 LUL x 2
00:59 gotta gather all the character sin FE Three houses Cohh
01:01 that was some DayZ lvl of rooDerp
01:03 an ankles worst enemy, a slight angle to walk on
01:03 Bandage the pain away FeelsGoodMan
01:03 What is the !Shirt for?
01:03 welp
01:04 !TOWThoughts
01:05 cohhHi Cohh has played and finished The Outer Worlds! cohhCheer Want to know what he thought of it? cohhHmm Pop over here and see! cohh.tv/towthoughts cohhWow cohhCheer
01:05 bandage the pain dingus
01:05 shove those pills in your foot
01:06 *ankle i mean :D
01:07 mmh 33% pain pills, my favorite
01:10 cohhHi @Bluejay Still playing sum stardew from time to time?
01:12 High heels ain’t made for snow
01:15 LUL
01:15 LUL
01:15 LUL
01:15 cohhLUL
01:15 LUL
01:16 LUL
01:16 LUL
01:16 LUL
01:16 cohhLUL
01:16 LUL
01:17 don't walk on the grade
01:17 LUL
01:17 LUL
01:17 LUL
01:17 cohhDerp
01:18 LOL LUL
01:18 LUL
01:18 cohhLUL
01:18 cohhLUL
01:18 hahahah :D
01:19 lol
01:19 LUL
01:20 danHmm
01:20 xD
01:21 LUL LUL
01:21 its snow
01:21 KEKW
01:21 LUL
01:21 You're a wimp
01:21 lol
01:21 LUL LUL
01:22 masturbating
01:22 LOL
01:22 Magic 🤔
01:22 LUL this game
01:22 lol
01:23 gun too heavy
01:23 LUL
01:23 Heavy gun
01:24 LUL
01:24 gun is heavy
01:24 slipping
01:25 I think walking with that gun
01:25 This would drive me NUTS
01:25 wow
01:25 cohhLUL
01:25 !towthoughts
01:25 LUL
01:26 @CohhCarnage I think it's cause you're walking on such a steep incline LUL
01:27 @CohhCarnage You clearly have Hypercohhbility syndrome
01:27 LUL
01:28 WutFace
01:29 LUL this game
01:30 guns too heavy
01:30 You ruptured your spleen, Cohh.
01:30 that is some Witcher 3 level of Fall damage LUL
01:30 heavy gun
01:31 The crap is this mountain? LUL
01:31 There is SOME jank to it with the fall damage still, I see
01:32 It will be dissentary next :D
01:32 slipping
01:32 Damn Cohh, you clumbsy
01:32 concussion next!
01:33 Yikes forever...
01:33 sykS sykS
01:33 Just a flesh wound
01:33 Your walking across a mountain..
01:33 lol
01:33 Don't walk on a slope NotLikeThis
01:34 its probably too steep and "you fell"
01:34 LUL LUL
01:36 @CohhCarnage all that hunting rifle is gonna do is make sasquatch mad
01:36 instant alt+f4
01:37 What the heck?
01:38 cohhLUL this is gold
01:39 lol idk, just a funny guess
01:39 didn't you see that you felll, cohh?
01:40 @CohhCarnage on the right side is a new indicator
01:41 what a weakling
01:41 @CohhCarnage it seems silly but it's there way ox explaining slipping and catching yourself things like that
01:41 !TOWThoughts
01:42 LUL
01:44 walking on slope kills you
01:44 drugs cure all
01:45 @CohhCarnage if its real steep, you have a fall or somthingand use your hand to steady yourself
01:47 no dlnr walk on slopes
01:47 the slope will kill you LUL
01:47 Hah Bluejay you're gonna see the furball soon!
01:48 game thinks your falling when going down hill?
01:48 @cohhcarnage Are there different levels of difficulty in the episodes?
01:49 @cohhcarnage well, you probably trip and fall on your hand
01:50 @CohhCarnage wearing bad shoes for climbing?
01:50 @CohhCarnage look bottom right of your hud
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