Deadlyslob Escape From Tarkov ·
00:01 giloratix subscribed at Tier 1.
00:07 @Deadlyslob are you gonna start streaming early tomorrow for us?? deadlyLove deadlyLove deadlyLove deadlyLove deadlyLove
00:13 Get a seamstress to sow a velcro rectangle over it and slap a Canadian patch on it. @Deadlyslob
00:13 11am they said? so like 16 hours away??
00:18 @Deadlyslob oh its all good. My chat said you wwere ready to play, Damn trolls LUL
00:19 @xXDeathLokXx they plan to have to patch uploaded 2 hours after 11am russian time
00:19 yes
00:20 yup
00:20 @Kotton kottonFat
00:21 HEY CHAT estimate when .12 comes sunday??? like what ti.e
00:22 pepehands
00:22 @biscy_311 its a good idea right?!!!
00:22 we gotta play some bro
00:23 just drink liquid ice all day with the flag over your shoulders and the hat on! LUL
00:25 Just for you coud cosplay a skav
00:25 some of them duels
00:26 @Deadlyslob budget loadouts all the way man
00:29 LUL
00:30 @Deadlyslob what did you think about the COD campaign. I finished it this morning, really enjoyed the ride
00:31 oh no no no
00:32 hahahaha
00:32 LUL
00:32 Other side...
00:34 LUL
00:34 hahhahaha
00:35 @Tacticalnaynay absolutely
00:38 do Factory
00:38 that's a long run bru
00:41 LUL
00:42 XD
00:42 hahahahahahahahaha
00:43 lmao
00:45 found it
00:45 clip it
00:45 xDD
00:46 lol
00:47 EZGAME
00:47 hahahaha
00:47 LUL
00:48 big f
00:48 solid raid
00:49 LUL
00:49 @deadlyslob hey so in est when would the wipe be?
00:49 EASY
00:49 KEKW
00:50 SourPls
00:50 ahh the old extraction mixup never gets old
00:50 @Deadlyslob what are you most exited for in .12 ?
00:50 F
00:50 Jump on the potato
00:51 Those damn exit campers ! =D
00:51 Raid of the day
00:53 How could you?? =(
00:54 malfOops
00:54 Clap
00:54 Solid Raid
00:54 @Deadlyslob wife just came in wondering why im crying lol
00:54 lol
00:56 XD
00:56 Dayum
00:58 streamer extract
01:01 @Deadlyslob vepr hunter + vityaz
01:02 @Deadlyslob is that one of those new dynamic extracts?
01:02 Lol
01:03 @W_Rabbit94 i have no idea what time that is for me LUL is 10 am here now, what time is that in russia
01:06 post malone antonnPog antonnPog antonnPog antonnMT antonnMT antonnMT antonnMT antonnMT
01:08 mible extraction point nades are so good
01:09 learned that one from prismPretty
01:09 so how does this game work? I'm so lost lol
01:09 No fucking way
01:12 Wow
01:12 u went out with an exploison
01:15 @mc_rabbitt weapon presets
01:18 @xXDeathLokXx you know google?
01:20 That hurt me oof
01:22 what if BSG tweets tomorrow, "We meant monday, SORRY"
01:25 @xXDeathLokXx very helpful
01:25 Tom Brady grenade toss NotLikeThis
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