Pestily Escape From Tarkov ·
00:04 @Swe_kitty Doesn't matter how good the game is
00:09 @Swe_kitty nobody is saying COD isnt a bigger game LUL its just nothing like EFT so its not a competitor. Battlefield is COD's main competition
00:11 just for info> the offical trailor for .12 = 450,964 views•Premiered on 21 Oct 2019
00:12 @Al_Smizzle Right? lmao
00:14 !patch
00:22 @Swe_kitty COD is only bigger because it used to be good now its just a rotting corpse of what it was
00:35 lol
00:35 lol
00:36 LUL
00:37 LUL
00:37 pestilyWoo pestilyWoo
00:39 ^^^^
00:39 LUL
00:39 ''how dare you play with 300 ping''
00:40 LOL you go dad!
00:40 LUL
00:40 TRUE LUL
00:40 KEKW
00:41 we got a talent
00:41 KEKW
00:41 such a voice ;-;
00:42 lol
00:43 nice cover :D
00:43 @Pestily Can i get the lyrics to that song please????
00:44 yea fuck off
00:45 Best version LUL
00:45 FBtouchdown FBtouchdown FBtouchdown FBtouchdown
00:45 PogChamp PogChamp PogChamp PogChamp HeyGuys
00:46 laxhawDab
00:47 lol
00:47 ayy patch on monday
00:50 lol
00:50 @Pestily so for new people what should they do try to get ahead of some people
00:55 @Pestily you should just put a overlay that has a script that goes from 275-300 overlayed
00:56 No matter what anyone says, playing with a higher ping is a huge disadvantage
00:57 @itz_lunatic Sunday
00:57 @itz_lunatic actually on sunday
00:58 okay your right.. we both know ;D
01:01 Chat when they talk about release days. Is it Russia Sunday or US Sunday?
01:04 skoobietv not true
01:08 hi dad @Pestily
01:09 i played MW2 and black ops 2 long ago. ivdon't see what changed beside models and graphics
01:11 @KEOTO quests
01:14 !patch
01:15 Very true, i have played with 200 ping and cant hit SHIT @Coldblood06
01:16 @MyOtheRidesUrMom russian ofcourse
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