defekt Escape From Tarkov ·
00:01 @JeSuisJesusTabarnak Always easier to fuck your employees than hire more people.
00:02 afternoon everyone dww3efkHi
00:16 defkHi whoops
00:25 ww3 monkaW
00:26 you see someone put pestily mask on old gas station table not FiR cause they were stream sniping landmark KEKW
00:27 That emote tho Kappa
00:28 WeirdChamp wwe
00:29 we all have to adjust to updates per month and not every 8 months like you said i guess
00:34 defkHi
00:52 @DEFEKT are you strewaming with dual pc?
00:53 I don’t they are going to wipe when they add customs expansion that could be a while
00:55 @Titan23Z did that actually happen? KEKW
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