SimCopter1 Command & Conquer Remastered Collection ·
00:00 i love this craigs list stalin seqYes
00:05 que the nobleman genocide
00:05 kippsiPeek
00:12 borderline KappaPride
00:18 makkPeek
00:24 tking stalin
00:26 KappaPride def
00:30 lots of sexual tension
00:31 this is... odd
00:34 the stalin actor is awesome LUL
00:35 LUL
00:41 the hair touching
00:42 You could slice the air in that room.
00:44 Kane!
00:45 Kane monkaS
00:45 KANE
00:47 Pog
00:49 that suit is SLICK
00:53 can't kill the messiah
00:55 shiny
00:55 Just casual
00:56 DansGame social distancing
00:57 Why is Kane's crotch in stalin's face
00:57 grabbing his head and hair forcefully and petting him
00:59 monkaS silk blazer
01:00 Like you do LUL
01:01 velvety LUL
01:03 Yuri cbrChamp
01:28 Kane is just that kind of a guy Kappa
01:28 to exude the BDE @Lashley1337
01:29 LOL
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