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00:06 lethality varus is bad
00:19 @mozannbique What is EU?
00:28 LEC doing 3 days a week now?
00:28 lmao
00:29 @mrjzombie I started end of 2019.
00:32 PogChamp
00:33 @mrjzombie u seem like u have nothing going on in ur life so instead u just gotta annoy other people in twitch chat by trolling zzzz
00:35 RIP my dude
00:36 did he finally get banned Pog
00:37 thanks mods lol
00:48 finally
00:48 @mrjzombie fair ban btw i hope your acc also gets banned :D
00:53 was about time
01:00 See? mods ban toxic people
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