Alliestrasza Hearthstone ·
00:10 altruis or he just face tanks them all
00:10 5+4+1+0+0
00:15 Dragonqueen Keepo
00:16 you dont have dragonqueen
00:16 pepeJAM
00:30 monkaW
00:30 suddenly, very loud game sounds for me
00:31 your game volume is super high LUL
00:32 Sound effects are so loud
00:32 why is that so loud
00:34 RIP EARS
00:34 WutFace
00:35 Woah, soound
00:35 monkaW
00:35 allie your ingame sound is too loud
00:35 game sounds got super loud WutFace
00:35 dont swipe
00:35 RIP ears WutFace
00:36 omg
00:36 what the fuck was that
00:36 wtf was that
00:36 what happened
00:37 monkaW
00:37 Why is that so freraking loud
00:37 HS is mad!!
00:38 Allie, why did your audio explode?
00:39 game is loud af
00:40 D:
00:40 so loud D:
00:41 Did anyone else get random game sounds monkaW
00:42 huiuiui
00:42 that was a ear rape
00:43 game sounds monkaS
00:43 game volume gotso loud
00:43 Why did it suddenly get really loud? allieS
00:43 Thought it was just me
00:43 Super loud game sounds
00:47 they're good now...that was weird LOL
00:48 The game noises are ultra loud
00:48 omg!
00:48 it got really loud all of a sudden
00:48 your game sound got super high, its fine now
00:49 game sounds suddenly
00:50 game volume is super loud
00:51 It's better
00:52 normal now
00:53 and now it's back to normal
00:53 its back now
00:53 It was a ghost monkaW
00:54 it is normal now
00:55 and now it's good again...
00:56 super loud when it gets to "what to do"
01:01 Ghosts monkaW
01:01 Allie is haunted monkaW
01:01 You almost gave us a heartattack
01:02 lol it scared me
01:02 right when malf said what to do game volume increased itself
01:03 the game is too loud
01:05 spooky
01:07 That was scary
01:08 audio bugged
01:09 It was just when you cast that spell
01:10 someone clip it
01:11 Haunted PC monkaW
01:12 ghosts monkaW
01:12 no altruis allieHmm
01:13 magic KEKW
01:15 Thought my headphones broke lol
01:16 sabbotage?! monkaS
01:18 bruhhhhhhhh
01:19 ghosts :o
01:20 i shatted widepeepoHappy
01:25 altruis is the worst
01:29 But before that the "what to do" was super loud too
01:32 its normal again
01:33 glowfy is cursed monkaS
01:34 Wow, such a convenient play.
01:34 i wasnt sure what that was from so i was tabbing through my computer trying to find out what was making that
01:42 yeah he asked "what to do" REALLY loudly... it was very strange
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