Baddie Escape From Tarkov ·
00:05 BADDIE RADIO!!!!
00:10 Reserve is hands down the best scav map
00:11 It's a dollar LUL
00:12 imma sub on thurs when i get payed
00:12 @Baddie I promised myself if I bought another firearm I'd spend more time at the range and I am failing :( the local range is operating at 50% capacity and the wait times for the pistol range is like 2-3hours :(
00:17 @baddie fuck off ill give you my money even when I'm broke if I want
00:23 you are on the same level of funny
00:23 @dimebagdan_ Likely a higher proportion to scavs to PMCs going reserve. Scavs gotta wait for raids that have open player scav slots.
00:30 lupoSHARK
00:31 @Baddie i feel that the NEED a ginger beard and call it the BADDIE BEARD!, i mean they got lupo coffee and shroud mask and pest mask... WE DEMAND BADDIE BEARDS!!!!!!
00:32 clip it chat
00:32 forsenKek Now you know how it feels
00:33 I would love to watch luipo do that in duet with you
00:36 Lupo is a good player but you are by far more fun to fun.
00:38 loving the shirt my man :)
00:38 and send it
00:46 DrLupo sex party - Now there is a sentence I didn't know I needed to hear out loud @Baddie LOL.
00:47 gonna walk the doggie ;) gmrdLurk
00:54 !playlist
00:58 Except you know, you dont suck HAHAHA
01:00 Party100 Party100
01:01 That is an epic shirt!
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