DansGaming Warframe ·
00:04 i whip my hands back and forth
00:08 need aim assist Kappa
00:10 I was not expecting a Metal Gear reference in WF but I love it.
00:16 He's doing it Pog
00:31 danH
00:32 ?
00:34 First try 0 deths Pog
00:34 danP
00:35 danEZ
00:36 Pog
00:37 and NO grenades LUL
00:37 danH danH
00:39 POGGERS that was faster at the end
00:42 now 2 at once
00:43 danCry
00:46 The one thing I dislike about Warframe is it’s boss fights
00:49 danCry
00:53 PulsarCologne subscribed at Tier 1. They've subscribed for 9 months!
00:57 "keep you waiting eh ?" Kappa
00:59 is Raiden next? danS
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