Baddie Escape From Tarkov ·
00:01 @th3hooligan1 is new here. Say hello! HeyGuys
00:01 Where else dumbass
00:03 i havent touched tarkov in a while, since labs came out?
00:03 he is
00:06 I wonder if Nikita would sell rights to a bigger studio. He has openly said its hard to get people to come work in Russia.
00:07 they made alot of improvements the last year to make it more playable on lower teir pcs
00:07 why this red pink?
00:10 @callmehaymaker I said fight me not agree with me
00:14 OH MY GAWD
00:16 @kaptinkruntch SmoocherZ hope alls well yo
00:17 what did he do
00:18 BYE
00:19 That shit looks too red.
00:21 Holy fuck yall are twins
00:23 i love u and slush
00:28 LUL baddRee
00:29 wut
00:31 twins
00:31 he lost a bet
00:32 twinssssss
00:34 @kaptinkruntch (tying on the boxing gloves)
00:34 Im seeing Double baddSUS
00:35 LUL
00:37 there can only be one, you know what you must do baddie
00:38 Slush is slowly being assimilated
00:40 just needs diff glasses
00:40 Spiderman Pointing At Himeself
00:40 duo with each other
00:46 @gypsy_danger_us it really depends on if I go back to school this year
00:48 im so confused now i have two boners
00:56 @party__pineapple you are always streaming when I'm at work ... it sucks ...
00:58 Hahaha
01:04 KEKW
01:06 @SPAOS93 Fair point. Do what is best for you brother.
01:07 LMAO
01:11 haha
01:12 What a cunt, but a good one.
01:12 Identity theft isn’t a joke Slush!
01:13 kekw
01:14 LOL
01:14 LUL
01:15 10/10
01:18 KEKW
01:18 He nailed it tho
01:18 lol
01:19 yeah that's baddie
01:20 @kaptinkruntch Lame, ive been wondering about switching some hours up lately LUL
01:20 perfect
01:21 why are you watching your own stream?
01:22 love u
01:25 omg
01:28 i love it when baddie laughs at himself
01:31 Imposter!!!!!
01:33 KEKW
01:34 LMAO
01:34 kek
01:34 Got heeeem
01:35 KEKW
01:37 Slush's American accent is fuckin great
01:37 heyyy @Coldblood06
01:39 PvMProfessor subscribed with Twitch Prime. They've subscribed for 2 months!
01:40 lol
01:42 KEKW
01:42 LUL
01:43 Yoo HeyItsTorrr
01:43 holy fuck lmfao
01:43 How does Slush do a better Baddie impression then Baddie?!
01:53 let's have a toast for that douchebag
01:53 New Alert!
01:55 if he does a sex party....
01:57 that need to be clipped
02:00 @gypsy_danger_us the school shit is up in the air for the moment need to work out cost and shit before I can make any definitive decisions
02:00 LMAO
02:02 please make that the new alert
02:05 SUB song name??? plz chat
02:06 omg
02:16 Does this make Baddie the third best Baddie?
02:16 Slush should do a sex party
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