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Pestily Escape from Tarkov ·
00:05 lmooooooooo
00:07 Was there a change in Salewa crafting amterials?
00:08 hahaha
00:09 He needs a HUG from queenFPS
00:10 What’s your stash value at Pestily
00:10 !why
00:11 WeLcOmE tO eScApE fRoM tArKoV
00:13 pestily is toxic against aqua! D:
00:13 @Pestily What Scav case do you run?
00:13 i think hes trying to do like a newscaster voice
00:14 a hug? ...do you forget about a certain virus?
00:14 now whos making fun of him KEKW
00:16 uhhh... I have some help creating these video's...
00:16 bruh someone gotta clip that
00:17 AND ASK R U OK?
00:18 on his second channel in particular its so funny
00:20 check stash value before the raid
00:22 clip this LUL
00:24 hehehe
00:25 lmao
00:26 "dont make fun of Aqua" PepeLaugh
00:27 KEKW
00:27 Are we watching Sam or Paul?
00:29 clip it LUL
00:29 LUL Accurate
00:29 Sounds like dailydose lmaoooo
00:30 pestilyKEKW
00:30 lmao
00:30 LMAO
00:31 Haha
00:31 Mustache
00:31 @VaaraJO yes there was, one more painkiller and one more bandage than before, so its 2pk/2band/1splint now
00:31 KEKW
00:31 :))))
00:33 Clip it and send it boys
00:33 NPR Tarkov LUL
00:34 KEKW
00:35 irllol
00:37 fck the virus - hug more
00:37 kekw
00:38 aquafpSPrice aquafpSPrice
00:39 Clipped
00:39 10/10 copy
00:40 @Pestily Daddy Pest needs to help his son
00:41 KEKW
00:45 Thanks @NorwoodTheRonin
00:47 seems like things have gotten better since i was last here :))
00:48 "guys dont make fun of him" *makes fun of him* lol
00:49 Clip it and ship it
00:50 aquafpSPrice aquafpSPrice aquafpSPrice aquafpSodd aquafpAquafpssad aquafpSstash aquafpSseedat aquafpSstash aquafpSPrice2 aquafpSodd aquafpSwink aquafpSwink
00:50 10/10
00:54 no, hes offline
00:54 clipped and shipped boys we gottem
00:58 Squid2 Squid2 Squid2 Squid2 Squid2 Squid4
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