Claymore_Plays Escape From Tarkov ·
00:07 you did ki9ll one
00:08 KEKW
00:17 You killed one of em with that bullet
00:28 yupyup
00:30 Pog
00:31 wow
00:32 hax
00:37 no
00:41 KEKW
00:49 nou
00:53 NOU
01:00 N O U
01:04 Uno
01:06 KEKW
01:09 you killed 3
01:09 @DrQueek I'll get mad
01:11 Kapp
01:16 a
01:20 (real talk though working I can't @FLornce <3 )
01:26 KEKW RIP
01:46 i'll be honest tho , i don't know how to clip with this new bs twitch shit
01:57 alright well im happy got a gpu flash drive and tetriz in one raid
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