Claymore_Plays Escape From Tarkov ·
00:09 LUL
00:12 dammit, I can't do it
00:16 same
00:18 Doesn't timing out remove mod status?
00:19 XD
00:27 LUL
00:29 oof
00:29 haha
00:31 LUL
00:35 not again?
00:37 Hahah
00:40 lol R.I.P dark slayer
00:41 Does he get timed out a lot?
00:48 If so, I feel ya man
00:56 Every week is not a lot
00:58 we need to get some duos in again soon btw @Claymore_Plays xvintoLove
01:04 yeah LUL
01:07 I can
01:08 I used to get timed out LUL
01:09 cheer500
01:15 i get timed out a lot in Kiings.
01:17 oh boy more bits
01:28 How many scav players spawn in during any map in total? I feel like ive killed 10+
01:29 Now lets see how long it takes for u to have mod given back too me a week @DarkSlayer2025
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