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00:07 coh brain too big
00:08 Object is to push people in this map unwritten rule
00:09 i have a terrible memory but even if i mess up i can just follow the pack
00:10 the whisper of cherry cohhWut
00:10 Bahroo on this one tried to stand on wrong ones to lure players only to swap at the last second, it's more fun that way cohhT
00:11 Lupo said that's a tomato and it makes me sick
00:11 @Fomtilgi we of course Kappa
00:16 *well
00:17 i bet its grape, calling it now
00:18 they should make it so that its faster and if you are on the wrong platform, it turns into the wrong floating fruit and who survives survives cohhFA
00:19 it should end with only one pad left
00:23 @Mikitzu That's not what I meant. On the platforms the bar comes from behind you if you go left but going on the right you are jumping over it headon
00:24 "I never lose." - CohhCarnage cohhNotes
00:25 This memory game would be better if the squares could only accommodate only a few beans per tile
00:26 DARN
00:26 cohhStare cohhStare cohhStare
00:28 LUL
00:29 Cohh sounding so Presidential zekeLUL
00:29 i wish they would make a 12 person mario part style set up
00:29 Jebaited
00:29 hahahaha
00:30 cohhStare
00:30 Clap
00:30 nvr lose LUL
00:31 LUL
00:31 "i never lose"
00:31 EZ
00:31 danO
00:32 "I never lose"
00:32 LUL
00:33 I never lose LUL
00:33 LUL
00:33 hahaha
00:33 lool
00:33 "I never lose on this one"
00:33 never lose LUL
00:33 Well
00:34 LUL
00:34 @Relair more cohhEvil
00:34 Never lose hmmm
00:34 Jebaited
00:34 cohhStare cohhStare
00:35 cohhFail
00:35 noooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
00:35 Never lose
00:35 OH WOW LUL
00:35 LUL #neverlose
00:35 Clap
00:36 stripLUL
00:36 never lose
00:36 LUL
00:36 Every time
00:36 How could you??
00:36 The only one you didn't memorise! LUL
00:36 i never lose
00:36 LUL
00:37 You were saying 🤔
00:37 LUL oofs
00:37 you 2nd guessed your self
00:37 too easy
00:37 Never, huh?
00:37 lol
00:37 rooKek
00:37 cohhEZ
00:37 'too easy' LUL
00:37 "ez"
00:38 LUL Jebaited
00:38 yaaaaaay
00:38 cohhLUL
00:38 apple? 🤔 🍎 🥭
00:38 I knew it lul
00:38 @CohhCarnage "never lost this game"
00:38 LUL you were saying
00:38 "I never lose" LUL
00:38 LUL LUL
00:39 LuL
00:39 i never lose this one Kappa
00:39 never lost there huh?
00:39 LUL
00:39 karma LUL
00:39 @Relair that could be fun with a group
00:40 cohh7
00:40 That was clearly a glictch
00:40 danLUL
00:40 cohhLUL
00:40 cohhDerp
00:41 cohhDerp
00:41 cohhLUL
00:41 game is too easy
00:41 LUL
00:41 cohhLUL cohhLUL
00:42 cohhLUL
00:42 zekeSTARE "Easy"
00:42 cohhLUL cohhLUL cohhLUL
00:42 Lupo says it’s a tomato.
00:42 LOL
00:42 lol
00:42 LUL
00:42 cohhLUL
00:43 'I never lose this game' Cohh, 2020
00:43 @CohhCarnage If a map editor was released, what if popular community maps were put on a cycle and they offered a royalty to the map creators for the days that their map is in use.
00:43 Jebaited
00:44 Jinxed yourself
00:44 LUL
00:44 spbLaugh
00:44 F
00:44 LUL
00:45 you jinx yourself lmao
00:45 potastIrenelaugh potastIrenelaugh potastIrenelaugh potastIrenelaugh
00:46 yes u did
00:46 cohhDerp cohhDerp
00:46 cohhLUL
00:47 Clap
00:48 there are 6 fruit in the last one
00:49 Classic
00:49 cohhLUL
00:49 cohhK
00:50 WHY is everyone playying this 9yo kid game? Its trashy, unpolished and shit mehanics
00:50 LUL
00:51 @CohhCarnage gravity wins!... FATALITY cohhLUL
00:51 Jebaited
00:51 KARMA @CohhCarnage cohhLUL
00:52 he just chose not to win
00:52 you have lost at it before
00:52 Famous last words.
00:52 WELP
00:53 Jebaited
00:54 something extra in that Whiskey
00:56 First Try!
00:56 so we never lose this game, never cohhStare
00:57 its always the easiest games you lose at LUL
00:57 yup
00:58 You just committed sudoku since you despise the game
01:00 LUL
01:00 cohhNani
01:01 cohhDerp cohhDerp Classic Cohh.
01:01 wait is that Tim or @cohhcarnage
01:01 LUL when cohhDerp
01:02 @CohhCarnage Its a Game of Memmory that is why you never loose as you never remember loosing
01:02 cohhDerp
01:03 apple
01:03 Cohh they should make it so that its faster and if you are on the wrong platform, it turns into the wrong floating fruit and who survives survives cohhFA
01:03 Apple
01:03 yes 6
01:06 Yup
01:06 gonna have to lay off the whiskey lol
01:07 sheriffWOT
01:08 6
01:08 cohhNotes cohhNotes cohhNotes
01:08 yep
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01:09 YEP
01:12 !professional
01:12 Cohh is a professional cohhDingus
01:12 Cohh, Bahroo on this one tried to stand on wrong ones to lure players only to swap at the last second, it's more fun that way cohhEvil
01:12 Or is it a mango?
01:13 it's 2, 4, then 6
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