Day9tv BaBa Is You ·
00:05 maybe I am baba...
00:07 ok so if you can get cloud is baba is you and baba is stop you have wincon
00:09 It's just babas all the way down
00:22 @Day9tv i think if you make "cloud is stop, baba is stop, and baba is you." then take both baba and place one under the clouds to catch the moon that is pushed by the second baba. then move to the star?
00:25 that's a big if
00:26 bingo
00:27 ha
00:29 @paciferal Please don't give hints like that, you're spoiling the puzzle
00:30 YAY
00:35 Yata!
00:35 PogChamp
00:36 LOL
00:37 dayGG dayGG dayGG
00:37 dayGG dayGG
00:38 Whew.
00:38 yaaay
00:40 drdudeman subscribed at Tier 1. They've subscribed for 28 months, currently on a 6 month streak! Hi Sean! Super curious to know what you thought of "They Live"
00:41 dayGG offici990POGNODA
00:41 PogChamp
00:44 man, i blinked :/
00:45 these space levels are so hard
00:46 well done!
00:46 daySick
00:46 first try rooPog
00:47 Sean, you seem to love logical thinking, do you sometimes miss working with Math? :)
00:47 phew
00:48 daySick dayGG
00:48 daySick
00:48 viss10 viss10 viss10
00:49 I was turning purple, trying not to say anything.
00:50 Wow that wasn't at all what I had in mind, hahaha. Amazing. <3
00:50 and he didn't even need our help chat
00:51 wait i missed it
00:54 the second i looked away
00:55 dayGG dayGG
01:00 sheesh
01:03 Invisishorts
01:06 comma isn't a word in baba is you. that's an invalid sentence :O
01:07 yesss i love me some commentary
01:07 oh no this one
01:13 It's always when you look away...
01:13 ME IS ME
01:24 clip it
01:24 wow I dont remember this one I probably didnt solve it LUL
01:26 I was just catching up to day9's line of thought
01:27 Never did I have a shred of doubt in you, Sean.
01:30 again you had the right idea at some point then got hung op on trying to make clouds baba
01:32 WAIT did he get it? I looked away
01:35 if we'd all just look away he'd have an easy time
01:41 oh noes i missed it, what was the solution?
01:42 every time i look away he gets it
01:45 oops already spiked my custom $300 N3Z mod God GameCube controller
01:46 Has Day9 ever played SpaceChem?
01:48 day9 is talking to me!
01:51 baba is stop is the solution
01:52 tokiCream tokiPocket
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