Claymore_Plays Escape From Tarkov ·
00:02 Hii Clay claymo4Milo LuvHearts andyraeHug
00:03 i did that
00:05 you got scammed
00:07 alexa play amazing grace
00:20 <3
00:23 SYKE 😂
00:29 lol
00:36 Pog
00:42 danexeLove danexeLove danexeLove danexeLove
00:45 mimosa and breakfast burrito, life is good
00:51 best streamer man
00:52 how's the games?
00:58 i just got the weirdest boner ever seeing that roubles go up.
01:01 WELL
01:03 @darkslayer2025 andyraeHug
01:03 to delete it
01:04 I HAVE 169 MIL
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