CohhCarnage EverQuest ·
00:01 I Will push alll my money, I love that food
00:02 but pineapple on pizza is good !
00:03 !Goals
00:04 he's eating that pizza
00:05 Lets hear another joke then
00:06 Are you ordering the pizza in advance because you know it's going to happen?
00:07 oh it will happen
00:07 !charity
00:08 Cohh is working with St Jude and GCX to help the fight against childhood cancer! cohhH Join us as we help the charity's creators support thousands of families around the world with real, tangible ways to change their lives forever! cohhL cohhGV 8 AM EST JUNE 15th cohhWow Check here to help! -> Twitch.tv/GCXEVENT If you'd like to share your ideas, check this link: cohh.tv/charitygoals cohhWow
00:09 Pineapple jalapeños mmmm
00:09 Oh I played so much of Ultima Online but I sadly never did any Everquest
00:11 pineapple on pizza literally makes me gag ew
00:12 @cohhcarnage any upcoming mmo’s with eq vibes you are keeping an eye on?
00:13 @CohhCarnage i have my money ready!!! cohhEvil
00:14 Cohh, make sure that if we DO get the pineapple in pizza goal that you get a Hawaiian pizza. The ham matches the pineapple well.
00:15 @Late_Night_Looty_Call over $300 million dollars. craziness
00:16 oh you're gonna eat that pizza cohh and you're gonna like it cohhD
00:17 @HedgyV Yeah I figured plus the backlog, wasn't sure if he was going to be doing a late start to the league though since I believe some are doing that like JP
00:17 Let me know where to send it, I'll just order it now and get it ready for you
00:18 I don't understand why people are all of a sudden so finicky about hawaiian pizza.
00:18 ff7 on AOL was an awesome MUHD
00:20 he's gonna love it which is the funniest part
00:20 @Rionok "No non-POE main streamers will be playing on league start." Is what I meant.
00:28 @CohhCarnage oh man if you eat the pizza and like it..
00:29 cohhStare
00:29 Jebaited
00:32 LUL
00:32 LuL
00:33 Jebaited
00:33 LUL
00:33 Mag1c_lemonss when people has no taste.... hahaha
00:34 cohhStare
00:34 cohhStare
00:34 LUL
00:34 Clap 10/10
00:35 Jebaited
00:35 wat ? xD
00:35 LUL
00:35 Jebaited
00:36 LUL LUL
00:36 KEKW
00:36 cohhLUL
00:36 cohhStare Jebaited ?
00:36 tell us the joke!
00:37 I get it.
00:37 LUL
00:37 cohhLUL
00:37 Jebaited
00:38 cohhStare
00:38 I could go for some pineapple pizza
00:38 @CohhCarnage do you think Persona 5 will follow onto steam like P4G?
00:39 LUL
00:39 LUL
00:39 @nuuriell it should also have bacon
00:39 cohhStare
00:40 @CohhCarnage you said that last time with the fallout 76 stream. do not test the will of chat
00:40 just making conversation man!
00:40 LOL
00:41 Jebaited
00:42 LUL
00:43 LUL
00:44 cohhLUL
00:44 Jebaited
00:44 grimUgh grimUgh
00:46 cohhMy
00:46 Jebaited
00:47 cohhLUL
00:47 cohhRage
00:47 Why do you have a badger doctor running around?
00:47 cohhLUL
00:48 @CohhCarnage I submitted it to the dad joke site
00:48 but....
00:49 That WAS the joke, @CohhCarnage
00:50 LUL baited
00:51 the joke is the troll :O
00:52 The Great Jebaited
00:52 lol
00:53 Dalamon_the_WolfMage that would be tasty, too.
00:55 @Goldfish4k14 wow all that and still not a complete game
00:58 @tremert yes totally bro!
00:58 pineapple on pizza cohhStare
01:00 yes
01:01 cohhLUL GOTTEM
01:02 5head
01:02 cohhStare
01:06 cohhEat
01:07 cohhDingus ?
01:07 it's more cohhnani
01:07 @Late_Night_Looty_Call true that lol
01:08 cohhFail
01:10 cohhNani
01:12 Not Obvious Joke, best Joke.
01:14 oo I submitted some dad jokes :D
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