CohhCarnage EverQuest ·
00:04 It all goes to you? Got it
00:05 @CohhCarnage Alright, real question--if we hit 125k, would you shave the goatee?
00:05 @BCuddigan cohhPog
00:06 I hung out with the Everspace 2 dev team for a bit at Twitchcon. Cool dudes. Very passionate about their game
00:06 cohhLick Foxxandfeather
00:08 Thats amazing and yes write it off
00:11 Happy Friday Foxxandfeather
00:11 So listen Chat.... IF we hit the 80k GOAL.... after that.... if we get 10k more (that would be 90k total) cohh will donate 10k to make it FINALLY equal 100k. COHH WILL ONLY DONATE 10k
00:11 I assume they provide the necessary documentation when you make donation
00:13 correct
00:14 If you're Canadian, do it for the goodness of your heart cohhWow
00:15 good evening Libido
00:18 so how will you be giving keys away?
00:19 @CohhCarnage why isn't it directly to them than? why the middleman
00:21 it works :D
00:22 LUL
00:24 is that a tiny cohh or a big frog?
00:25 Luna, Canadians WutFace
00:26 In Canada, you can only claim American donations against American based income
00:26 LUL
00:26 good evening cohh and chat
00:27 @aphrael1337 @GamrGrll Hello! <2
00:27 When is the stream? Can we donate before monday @CohhCarnage ?
00:27 you will get a receipt directly from St. Jude, make sure you put in the right email! Lazenby21
00:27 cohhLUL
00:29 cohhLUL
00:29 cohhLUL
00:29 LUL
00:29 cohhD
00:30 Donting 100k to Cohh. Got it.
00:30 GOT IT
00:30 cohhLUL
00:31 LUL
00:32 it all goes to me?
00:32 cohh matching $100k to himself
00:32 cohhLUL
00:32 Lady_Simonie everyone yells loud so i bring you beatiful <3
00:33 lmao
00:34 Luna_Is_BestPrincess cohhL
00:34 cohhRage
00:34 cohhLUL
00:35 rooVV
00:35 LUL
00:35 BANNEC
00:35 LUL
00:35 So you give just %1 percent of cyberpunk deal that you got when you went to Poland?.
00:35 Roger roger!
00:36 LUL
00:36 Donting. cohhDerp
00:37 he gets all of his Cohhnlyfans though
00:37 LUL
00:37 BANNED
00:38 St. Cohh foundation
00:38 @MaxPanicked cohhL
00:39 chat feeling Kappa tonight
00:39 Donating 100K to MODS, got it
00:39 What games are on the schedule for the St Jude stream?
00:40 ah i understand now
00:41 triggered :D lol
00:41 taxes? I'm in international waters!
00:42 LOL
00:44 torkieB3 torkieB2 torkieB1
00:44 i mean someone has to pay for the fiber cohhLUL
00:45 it all goes to cohhs fiber internet fund cohhK
00:45 send money to cohh, got it cohhEZ
00:48 SaintCohh LUL
00:50 So cohh donates 10k and I can deduct it from my taxes. Got it
00:50 cohhL cohhL
00:51 tilted mutliply
00:52 Seriously how do you think he pays for that hair cut of his.... he's getting it all.
00:52 So wait! Cohh is laundering money now?
00:52 So Cohh leaves the stream again.....
00:53 confirmed cohhPyramid
00:53 cohhO
00:53 @CohhCarnage just shut up and take his money!
00:54 ok so we are trying to make Cohh rich monday right?
00:54 RedDragonRob Yea do it. cohhT
00:55 cohh = st jude confirmed Kappa
00:55 cohhDerp
00:57 Kahua LUL cohhL
00:57 awesome, great distinction
00:59 soooo what does tiltafi do?
00:59 so i should mail money to cohh
01:01 Chat you're gonna drive Cohh to drinking
01:01 Did you guys hear that Cohh is going to pay for every person that donates to have their own characters in Cyberpunk 2077 :O
01:02 LUL
01:02 @CohhCarnage So if I'm hearing that right, all the money donated goes to your beer fund.
01:04 Your face is a proxy cohhStare
01:04 stop miniJulia
01:06 cohhSteal
01:07 series of tubes
01:08 cohhD
01:09 LUL
01:10 So it all goes to Cohh cohhSip
01:11 monday is cohh's birthday ?
01:11 limesHmm so chat donates all money to cohh and cohh donates 100k for chat
01:11 If you're a Canadian with American INVESTMENT income, you can offset the taxes on your American investments with the American donation
01:11 User$ -> Internet -> Middleman pointing fingers -> Charity$
01:11 tiltify just tilts the money to st jude
01:13 Cohh needs the money for the hard pipe for his 30mb upload Kappa
01:13 The charity being Laina leCrueset fund???
01:15 rooIsee
01:15 MSPaint diagram needed
01:19 LUL
01:19 all money goes directly to my bank account cohhEvil
01:20 tilitify acts as the donation platform
01:20 Lady_Simonie nobody else yelled your name LUL cohhL
01:20 Great guide Cohh
01:22 LUL LUL
01:22 so do i make the check out to you?
01:22 for a small fee ofcourse
01:23 LUL
01:24 lol
01:25 danP
01:25 cohhHi
01:25 LUL
01:26 LUL
01:26 so cohh touches all the money and then bathes in it
01:27 cohhStare
01:27 LUL
01:27 cohhDance
01:27 yes
01:27 cohhLUL
01:27 Cohh's gonna be rich on Monday?! PogChamp
01:27 nakkiCB so the charity pays Cohh through Tiltify. got it SeemsGood
01:27 cohhLUL
01:27 Richer LUL
01:28 cohhRage
01:29 YES rooH
01:29 LUL
01:29 @CohhCarnage Quick, I need one last heal, this queue boss has gone on longer than I imagined....
01:30 cohhStare
01:30 cohhLoot cohhNani
01:30 some people actually think thats how these things work tho, scary cohhM
01:30 cohhPog
01:30 cohhLUL cohhLUL cohhLUL
01:31 lmao
01:31 cohhLick nton3
01:31 lord saint sir cohh
01:31 LUL
01:32 psycho_psyborg No
01:32 cohhLUL
01:32 Rich in spirit and heart
01:32 cohhMoney cohhMoney cohhMoney cohhMoney
01:32 LUL
01:33 @ScionXB no his birthday is the 25th
01:34 cohhLUL
01:34 cohhMoney
01:35 cohhFail cohhFail cohhFail cohhFail
01:35 MORE rich
01:35 100% goes to coh got it
01:35 cohh is a charity :)
01:36 No Cohh matches dollar for dollar up to 100,000
01:36 Oh god, my stream buffered. What did I miss now?
01:37 cohhHi
01:38 Cohhcarnage is gonna go to Poland Finally
01:39 also rich
01:39 Kahua it's all good, I'm fine!! LUL
01:39 wow without barry we dont have facts at all
01:39 make cohh rich everyday cohhCheer cohhLick cohhMoney
01:39 Mods getting a raise on monday?! PogChamp
01:40 Cohhzy stream for the win
01:40 Keepo
01:40 dskoopaValue dskoopaValue dskoopaValue
01:41 All the money actually goes to Letho
01:41 spiritually rich jackJULIA
01:41 wait... itsn Cohh already rich?? rich getting richer
01:41 cohhDerp
01:41 So Cohh became more reacher cohhD cohhMoney
01:42 Thats every other day chat
01:43 cohhLUL
01:43 so cohh gets 100%. gotchu @CohhCarnage
01:43 No wonder he can afford to donate 100K!!!
01:43 cohhLick Mke_80
01:43 cohhFail cohhFail cohhFail cohhFail
01:44 how much of the money is cohh going to spend on expired blue moon?
01:44 hey chat what did laina do before?
01:44 @CohhCarnage throwing up gangs signs
01:45 @CohhCarnage smuggling 100k confirmed
01:45 Straight from Poland, 100k Hugeaway at the end of the month!!!!!!!
01:46 I just got back form workout, why we giving coh money? :D
01:46 cohhCV cohhCV cohhCV cohhCV cohhCV
01:46 Hahahahah.
01:46 Chat enigmaNo enigmaGetOut enigmaPoint
01:47 cohhWow Clap
01:47 100% of funds are directed to making large burgers wider, not taller
01:47 LUL
01:47 that's a weird way to spell poor
01:48 LUL LUL
01:48 Wait, time out. Why are you so little in EQ? You’re like a pocket Rogue
01:48 COHH GAINS $100K ON MONDAY cohhPog
01:48 chat is special
01:48 LOL
01:49 Gotta pay for that new internet.
01:49 What you see, chat is a man realising that his cunning plan just been discovered cohhRead
01:51 it puts the money in the bank account or it gets the hose again.
01:51 So Cohh became more richer cohhD cohhMoney
01:51 LUL
01:51 fake news!
01:52 take my money cohhMoney
01:53 cohhDerp cohhDerp cohhDerp
01:53 A lot
01:53 will you be using allt hat money on monday to go to Poland? @CohhCarnage
01:53 LUL
01:53 if we hit 100k Cohh will finally admit he moved to Poland
01:53 We're cozy trolling tonight
01:53 get your credit card statement and have them mail you a receipt or send you a statement and when you do your taxes or have someone do them they get a copy to send the irs
01:53 LUL
01:54 trying to profit from charity is not very cash money of you cohh
01:56 cohhSpy
01:56 LUL LUL
01:56 LUL chat being ridiculous
01:57 LOL
01:57 @cohhcarnage so basically it's a piramid sceam
01:57 LUL
01:57 Can't tell if chat is trolling or what...but sheesh
01:58 cohh IS st jude?
01:58 ALL OF IT
01:58 horse fund gotta come from somewhere
01:59 cohhLUL cohhLUL cohhLUL cohhLUL poor cohh
02:00 Don't challenge us lol
02:00 @cohhcarnage They are all banned! 😉
02:00 multi million tilted multiply
02:01 @cohhcarnage is becoming St. Cohh on Monday
02:01 whats your address cohh cohhWow
02:01 Cohh owns tiltify
02:02 cohh is a Saint. it was all so obvious the whole time
02:02 Cohh's buying Tiltify and giving it to a charity of chats choice.
02:02 Cohh, when do we start building a monument to you?
02:03 wait so why is cohh matching dollar for dollar if it all goes to him?
02:03 So cohh works for tiltify?
02:03 DMCA coming for this stream
02:04 I EAT IT
02:04 LUL
02:04 so this is a charity for cohh's horse fund I see
02:05 Fiber lines aren't cheap you know?
02:05 how will you be giving away the 10 keys you have for everspace 2?
02:05 Why is Cohh so small, I thought he was tall and blue?
02:05 Wait so Cohh will us match him and we have to pay him 100k?
02:05 LUL
02:06 !Charity
02:06 Cohh is working with St Jude and GCX to help the fight against childhood cancer! cohhH Join us as we help the charity's creators support thousands of families around the world with real, tangible ways to change their lives forever! cohhL cohhGV 8 AM EST JUNE 15th cohhWow Check here to help! -> Twitch.tv/GCXEVENT If you'd like to share your ideas, check this link: cohh.tv/charitygoals cohhWow
02:06 So we're paying for your fibre, the face tatoo and the next trip to Poland? @CohhCarnage
02:06 cohh wants a 100k TV wall got it
02:07 money money money moneyyyyyyy
02:07 shut up and take my money!!!!!!!!
02:08 @CohhCarnage So u get some early b-day money on monday cohhT
02:08 will the money go through Poland?
02:08 100% crystal clear this time.
02:08 Seems a little coincidental that your bday just HAPPENS to be at the same time as the charity strim cohhHmm
02:09 CohhMad
02:09 @CohhCarnage So Cohh is literally stealing money direct from sick kids? cohhFeels
02:10 I'm waiting on the reddit post
02:11 So the money goes to st jude and then cohh steals it? I see
02:11 cohh has to pay for that new car
02:11 eat da money rooVV
02:12 we learned cohhDingus from the best
02:12 @CohhCarnage i didn't know you were playing star wars galaxy you smuggler :)
02:12 Cohh, I heard you were going to start an OnlyFans and put all the money towards charity
02:13 So we now are donating to horse fund
02:13 Cohh becoming a saint?
02:14 Well cohh will be rich until@he donates 500k.
02:14 SOLD
02:14 @CohhCarnage send them to a page cohhCV cohhGV
02:14 BRB gotta let Twitter know Cohh is going to pay Tiltify to fly everyone i chat to Poland for Cyberpunk 2077.. Sweet.
02:14 we all know @BarryCarlyon is the brains here
02:16 All goes to @BarryCarlyon confuirmed
02:16 i feel cohhs rage
02:16 He won't even be streaming come monday he'll be fun and sun on the beach.... .
02:17 hahaha
02:18 So this is funding the next trip to Poland?
02:19 danO ahaha
02:19 @CohhCarnage so your saying the charity goes towards paying Cohh's internet bills?
02:19 Hahahaha.
02:19 LUL
02:20 Cohh's Pyramid?
02:20 no information is safe with CHAT!
02:20 so another quick trip to Poland fun gotcha cohh
02:20 @CohhCarnage wait so how much money do i get?
02:20 Cohh doubles the amount of the total donations after 80k up to a million
02:20 Lmao
02:21 hahah
02:21 LMAO
02:22 cohhMoney TheIlluminati
02:22 hahahahhaha
02:22 @BarryCarlyon ALRIGTY THEN
02:23 @BarryCarlyon cohhLUL
02:23 So you are saying Cohh steals money from charity through Barry through Tiltify
02:23 Barry takes our donations, blends it and makes himself a smoothie
02:24 cohhLUL
02:24 LUL
02:24 lol
02:24 Cohh is being paid INSTEAD of the kids!
02:24 LUL
02:24 LUL
02:25 Cohh is planning on buying a new car arent you @CohhCarnage cohhK cohhK
02:25 lol
02:25 LUL
02:25 BarryCarlyon cohhMoney cohhEat
02:26 cohhLUL
02:26 wait , every donatsjon going to cohh at monday CohhO
02:26 cohhLUL
02:27 cohhLUL
02:27 lol
02:27 TheIlluminati
02:27 am I doing it right?
02:28 money laundering?
02:28 is this a raid? @cohhcarnage
02:28 so dont donate that day?
02:28 cohhWow
02:28 cohhD
02:29 Those damn sick kids are ripping us off!
02:29 LUL
02:29 cohhLUL yes true
02:31 LUL LUL
02:31 LUL
02:31 i love you chat
02:31 danCry
02:32 No... on monday we are paying for @CohhCarnage flight for Cyberpunk Release Party.. LUL
02:32 We're gonna be conscripted to build a pyramid for Cohh
02:32 TheIlluminati
02:32 Clipped
02:32 is this how u paying for intenet works cohh
02:33 depending on what charity it could be lol
02:35 what charity is making pyramids?
02:35 LUL
02:36 So it's Cohh's Birthday on Monday and he's taking contributions...
02:36 cohhO
02:36 Cohh matches dollar for dollar all the money that is donated to him..
02:38 ok ok its cohhCV times lets not make cohh head explode :)
02:40 money is gonna trickle down like that blue moon Cohh drinks
02:40 cohhPog I knew it
02:40 cohhRude cohhMoney
02:41 Cohh's Juice Plus confirmed
02:41 So once the charity pays Cohh through his swiss bank account, he is going to use that to buy the rights to Everquest as well as Pantheon and merge them.
02:42 WAIT WAIT WAIT, can we get a stretch goal that cohh finally has to ACTUALLY go to Poland?
02:42 cohhEZ cohhMoney
02:42 So Cohh donates to us 80.000$ on Monday
02:42 going to Poland as charity goal ?
02:42 @CohhCarnage CHAT, come on. What happens is we make Cohh rich with LOVE and cohhGV cohhCV . Get it right! cohhRude cohhT cohhT cohhT cohhT cohhT cohhT cohhT cohhT cohhT cohhT cohhT cohhT cohhT
02:42 when is the cyberpunk cameo reveal? is that a secret goal?
02:43 Hahahha.
02:45 i KnEW iT danJulia
02:46 @CohhCarnage So I think I understand... you created and own Tiltify so basically you're saying if we donate money to you we can reach the 5th level of zen?
02:47 we should rob a bank to get Cohh more money
02:47 How much? Yes
02:47 Chat be extra trolly tonight
02:48 When is the stream? Can we donate before monday @CohhCarnage ?
02:49 is all money to send @cohhcarnage to Poland
02:50 i think spectrum is behind it all! cohhEvil
02:50 So what you are telling me any amount I donate I get double back? got it Kappa
02:51 wait so we're printing money?
02:51 Cohh so the charity pays you through tiltify and your write it off on your taxes?
02:52 LUL i love this chat
02:53 have we worked up enough frenzy to get this ghoul to spawn yet?
02:53 cohhconnect danP
02:54 dtdemonCREEP
02:54 LUL
02:54 So Cohh, how much is Twitch paying you to raise money for charity? cohhK
02:55 I love it when chat messes with Cohh cohhL cohhGV
02:55 lmao
02:55 Cohh is secretly crying in the inside.
02:56 so tiltify pays cohh to donate to st jude who can write it off to pay for his new internet. cohhWow
02:56 LUL
02:56 "charity is just an elaborate pyramid scheme" ~ @CohhCarnage
02:57 @cohhcarnage banned them! 😉
02:58 i understand Cohh the trip to POLAND is too expensive!!!!!
02:58 so st jude is raising money for cohh to use his new internet
02:59 WHA D:
02:59 @CohhCarnage so you're donating 80k to yourself for your birthday so you can go back to Poland? HAPPY BIRTHDAY
03:00 LUL
03:01 so basically, you're telling us, monday you can pay for your internet fiber with our donations ? cohhK
03:01 LUL
03:02 so illuminati behind that scheme The Illuminati
03:02 so every dollar i donate i get 100 back?
03:02 cohhLUL cohhLUL cohhLUL
03:03 LUL
03:04 i dont want to be a slave NotLikeThis
03:05 are we even helping kids anymore? I'm so lost
03:05 Leave Cophh alone, we know he is just a bot built my Barry.
03:06 Wait what are scheming? @CohhCarnage
03:07 cohhLUL cohhLUL
03:07 LUL LUL
03:07 cohh needs limestone
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