SimCopter1 Mario Kart 8 ·
00:01 im reading a book about what happens to our soul between reincarnated lives so interesting
00:04 bye kastyna simWave
00:04 sweet dreams @Kastyna negaHug
00:10 Pog
00:26 simgee
00:27 Yeah 100% Sim, I agree. Also, you've gotten way better at Mario Kart simGee
00:29 simGee'
00:30 GG
00:30 simGee
00:30 simGee
00:33 simGee
00:33 simGee
00:33 Goodnight @kastyna ramaV You’re wonderful!
00:33 simLove
00:33 @kippsidaisy simGee @Kastyna simGee
00:35 simGee
00:36 simGee
00:37 simGee simGee simGee
00:37 Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday My boys go to bed at 7:30 so I can have a few hours to my self in the evening. :D
00:38 Gee! Gee!
00:39 Gee! Gebutt!
00:45 simGee
00:46 simGee sim1 yes.. congratulations... on first...
01:07 My 9yr old was amazed that I was on your "live stream" hahaha. :P
01:08 hahaha
01:09 @ashleyrudder that first book sounds interesting! would you recommend it do you think?
01:09 @Legerdemain great games tonight, its always fun racing against you negaHug
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