Klean Escape From Tarkov ·
00:04 @hxcvex no, forbigdaddyunlimited
00:09 @FinnishHymn_ Yeah it was 150 before and then they increased it to 165 afaik
00:09 Pog
00:11 big oof
00:12 PogU
00:12 Nice.
00:13 lel
00:14 YEP
00:14 ohhh
00:14 smookkeed
00:15 good shit Klean
00:17 KEKLEO
00:17 luvelySilver_HF
00:18 @ohhdannyyboyyy Wish I knew
00:18 DANG
00:20 LUL
00:21 you rocked his shit KEKW
00:26 future tarkov needs gibbing on dead bodies
00:28 kleanLFlex kleanEat kleanRFlex
00:29 Man my 74s never hit like that
00:29 this ones finished
00:29 GPU Pog
00:30 Pog
00:30 That guy's pissed
00:32 ooh
00:32 900 i thought
00:33 GPU Pog
00:33 Pog loot
00:34 i wanna rip some heads off
00:35 Pog
00:35 Pog
00:35 @USEC_VAC ok so i got the occasional ping dip below 165 and stayed on the server cuz stable ping
00:35 Pog
00:36 how come he dropped the backpack?
00:36 lmao that guy is like "wtf why does that scav have fucking BS ammo nikitaaaaaaaaaaa
00:36 Man just wanted some privacy
00:37 GPU Poh
00:38 Didn't put it in his gamma KEKW
00:44 Nice!
00:44 strummer loot Kappa
00:47 aii, bratischka waited too long
00:50 that man may be a tad bit upset KEKW
00:51 @FinnishHymn_ lucky
00:55 @sev07sniper i used link to become a member for bigdaddy, didnt know if there was a coupon code for purchases
01:02 You know, we can find out who the traitor was. All I have to do is go back in the VOD, see who was invited, then get the people to say "It wasn't me" who were there
01:03 OMG, he didn't stuff the gpu up his butt, what an noob. lol
01:05 Why it wasn't in his a**?
01:05 BUT:
01:07 oops wrong chat window
01:09 caligDarth
01:09 The pressure is on
01:09 🍷 KEKLEO no butthole gang 🍷 KEKLEO
01:09 Whats the Klean man eating today to break the fast?
01:12 @Klean extract for my memory RUN BOY RUN kleanDad
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